(Each week I tune into the energy of my Community and channel a message. This message is just for YOU if you are reading this!)

Dear Ones,

Shine your light.  Shine Your Light.  SHINE YOUR LIGHT.

So many of you are no longer resonating with your current world and those you associate with. Things around you feel different.  It feels weird, doesn’t it?  To be shifting through and past many people and things in your current life.  You may feel strange because where you once fit feels off now and you may not know why.

These feelings are about expansion, ascension, and becoming more enlightened.  Take a moment to breathe into your body and feel how you have changed and grown.  It is possibly very subtle. Perhaps people you used to enjoy are starting to rub you the wrong way.  Maybe the activities you used to do are no longer of interest to you.  It’s possible you are seeing everything “wrong” with your job or relationships.

Breathe in.  See if you can find that feeling.  There’s no pressure, you are simply seeing where it is so you can feel into it more fully.  Breathing deep into your belly and exhaling through your mouth, pushing all the breath out.  Give it one more push out before you take your next inhale.

Imagine your armor falling to the ground with an energetic thunk.  Feeeeeeeeel yourself begin to expand with every inhale.  How does that feel?  Where do you go with each breath?

What We are reminding you of is that you have CHOICE.  You have the choice to FEEL things differently.  You have the choice to DO things differently.  You have the choice to PERCEIVE things differently.  You have the choice to THINK things differently.  That is the toughest one – being consciously aware of your thoughts and changing them to the Positive.

You may want to live a different way, embrace different things, BE someone new and different. (Your GIFTS are ready for you to SHOW THEM TO THE WORLD).

You may be stuck in Fear and Doubt.  You likely do not know HOW to start letting out YOUR ROAR.  So, let’s help take care of that now.

Go back in with your breath and find that feeling that makes you feel like things might be changing and are starting to feel different.  Just notice it and while you do that, We are going to send this Wonderful, Amazing Zap™ of Energetic Goodness that we have prepared.  It will gently but powerfully blow that fear to smithereens so all you are left with is the KNOWING and true SEEING of what it is that you truly desire for your life.

There is no time to chip away slowly.  No siree bob!  This has to be like ripping off a bandage because what we are showing you is everything CLOUDING you.

You are Questioning.  Thinking.  Hesitating.  (Keep Breathing.)  You are too busy trying to get it Right that you aren’t getting STARTED.

It’s time to SHINE.  It’s time to ADMIT to yourself what it is you really want, how and/or where you want to live, what you want to do, who you want to associate with, what Business to start, what Gifts to start sharing, etc. etc. etc.

The time really is NOW.  Feel into it and write these things down.  We’ll be back next week to talk more.

With Love,

Jyll Hoyrup Intuition Expert

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