Oh Precious Souls!

Finally she lets us talk to you!!  She’s been holding out on us!  (laughs)

Your time is NOW.  Stop procrastinating doing what you really want to do, what makes your heart sing.

Spend some time today to tune in.  Really sit for a few moments and let the answers of your desire come to you.  Don’t be afraid of it.  Don’t blow off what you get.  This is important!!  You are being shown gifts and talents and ideas and wonderousness that only YOU can bring to the world!!

Things are moving faster within the earth – vibration, movement, things happening, people Becoming.  The momentum and availability is there for all of you!  Get after it!  MAGNIFY YOUR ROAR!

You are a divine being.  You’re the only YOU there is!  Your gifts and talents will have your energy in them, your experience, your knowledge, your joy, your passion.  Only YOU can give the world what YOU have to give.  So, what is it? Are you ready to share?

Some of you are feeling uncomfortable reading this because you know we are talking to you.  Explore that resistance around this message.

There is a sense of urgency as the earth moves forward into new dimensions and ascensions.  Grow with these times and energy.

Expand yourself.  BE YOURSELF.

With Love,
The Guides

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