Dear Ones,

As we move forward into the new energies of the planet, your communities and even yourselves please be gentle with yourself!  Not everything has to be done right this moment and you are also not the one who has to do “everything”.  We know you feel it is all up to you, but it isn’t.

This week is all about letting go.  Releasing who you thought you were. Releasing who you thought you weren’t.  Releasing the things you are holding on to that you know aren’t serving your Highest Good and Purpose.  There are a lot of you who will resist this one.  Ask yourself why you resist letting go of something that doesn’t serve you?  What is the draw?  We are sending energy to assist in the release.

The time is also NOW to start deciding who you want to be and what you want to create in your life.  How do you want to contribute to the world?  Do you have gifts that you are not fully embracing?  The world needs to see you!!!

Don’t get caught up in the HOW.  Start taking Baby Steps towards your hearts desires.  Just one little thing every day will propel you forward into your new life. Just one!

With Love,
The Guides

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