Are you a solopreneur? Social Media Manager? Or do you like and use different software?

Are you getting stuck and bogged down not knowing what kind of tools could make your life easier?

Now that I’ve been at the “my own biz” thing for a while, I thought I would share some tools that I use and recommend. These are all affiliate links, which means if you buy using my link I will get a kickback of a few dollars. I thank you in advance if you purchase using my link and I’d love to hear what you got and how you like it once you get going!


  • EMAIL marketing is so important. You have got to have a way to contact your peeps! Social Media can change at any moment. Email is constant. I started with MailChimp but changed to last year for my book launch. Holy cow it is so much more intuitive and easy to use. They are having a big sale starting tomorrow.
  • Speaking of emailing your peeps, sometimes you need a little help (uh, that would be ME). That’s why I joined the great LIZ WILCOX Email Marketing group. She is selling a year of . When people purchase the yearly plan (often called the Pass), they get access to all of her other products that year for freeeee. You can also join for $9/ month and not get the free products.



  • I’m so impressed with ! I bought it in 2016 and love the energy, integrity, and genuineness of the owners Omar and Nicole. They have gone on to develop a community, and now COURSENINJA is in beta. I’ll be replacing Zoom with it very soon for classes, lives, etc.


  • I’ve been using for website hosting since I launched my first website in 2008. I’ve never had a problem with them, can attest to their Customer Service (which I use a lot since I don’t get all the tech stuff), and find them very affordable.
  • keeps your website safe from vicious attacks – love how I get notified when my website is down so I can quickly troubleshoot the reason and fix it.


  • Get an 800 (well, more like 833 or 866) number for your Business with Use AI voices for your greeting, business hours, etc. Set up your own caller ID. Plans start at $10/month.
  • noise canceling has made a huge difference while living in Belize and with sometimes noisy parents. Currently only for desktop use but they are working on an app.
  • has cool templates to choose from to easily make videos for marketing messaging, social media, etc.
  • If you use Oracle cards in your business, Leslie Sloane has a great deck infused with energy, sacred geometry, music and musical notes (yes!), and all sorts of other good things – . I love using this deck and use it regularly.



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