Last week broke me. It broke me wide open, spit me out, and left me feeling all alone. Yup! That can be the brutal reality of Healing (like why would I even want to heal and “go there”??). However, it is also the part so very necessary to re-construct yourself in more Congruent, Authentic ways.

Are you listening to your body?? It is talking to you all the time. Have you ever really tuned in to see what it is saying?

As first introduced to me in 1996 in Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Yourself, I have since subscribed to the belief (and I’ve seen it in my clients over and over again) that EVERY physical ‘ailment’ is a manifestation of a bigger emotional and/or energetic experience, belief, pattern, or Whatever.

I lost my appetite last week…like all week, every day, all day. I forced myself to eat a little bit here and there but it didn’t matter – no interest. No hunger. I drank water galore but…no desire to eat. Still. No. Appetite.

Many may freak out at this and suggest I force myself to eat. Instead, I’m asking my body for insight. Not eating is not normal for me!! I know my body well and one thing is for sure — My body typically only manifests things in the physical when I am not listening to other clues (emotions, intuition, experiences, empathy, etc.).

I immediately recalled a time in Sept 2012 when I went through a cut-off breakup and didn’t have an appetite for 10 days. I had energy. I went to work. I drank water. It’s like my body didn’t need the fuel. It was so strange!!

I trusted the process back then and will do the same now. This message from my body is about relying on what is within – because I have everything inside me to re-build mySelf. I literally get to pick and choose what pieces to put back – what beliefs, what behaviors, what perceptions, what experiences, what thoughts, where/what/who I want to spend my energy on. This is huge! ROAR!

It makes sense with all the Healing, Releasing, moving on from certain friendships and relationships, and revamping how I live in Belize. All are important pieces that contribute to the Bigger Picture of Who I want to BE.

Now, hopefully, through this, I’ll lose some belly fat too!! *silver lining?* ha ha

Are you in the habit of listening to your Body? Your intuition? The little nudges of information that randomly fly by? If not, start now! Just a simple notice to your body that you want to hear what it has to say will suffice! Maybe a bit of quiet time running your awareness through your body as you breathe.

Here’s to all of your broken pieces and turning them into a huge ROAR!

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