Last week I talked about Intuition and when you are wrong (oops!!).  This week I want to talk about when you get intuitive information and you blow it off….and end up being right.

In November and December, I was noticing a lot of little things that felt off about someone I was dating.  Based on things he said and ways he acted as well as who I thought him to be based on things he told me, I blew off my intuition.

In mid-January, I ended up following my intuitive hits and I learned just how correct my intuition had been the past few months.

Looking back, I could see how ALL of my intuition, when fit together like puzzle pieces, created a clear picture of what was going on.  If I would have taken a moment longer to investigate it thoroughly, I may have saved myself a lot of heartache and pain.

That being said, I also feel that when we do not make a decision in our best interest based on our intuition, The Universe finds a way to “blow up our world” and force the decision.  THAT is precisely what happened in this case.  This has happened to me before with relationships so I knew exactly what was going on.  I also recognized that while it was extremely painful and devastating, the “blow up” by The Universe was in my Best and Highest Good.

I was going to list a bunch but really they mostly fall into one category:

On some level, we don’t want to know or accept it.
— We don’t want to know, see, or feel it
— We don’t want to have to make a decision about it
— We don’t want to believe it (especially about another person)
— We may not really trust our intuition, in general

Secondly, we are not supposed to fully KNOW in that moment. 
In this case, ties needed to be completely severed with this man and betrayal was the only way for it to happen.

Another example is last summer when I was awake all night feeling things between other people (empathy, claircognizant and clairsentient).  My intuition was saying YES and my Guides were saying NO about what I felt was happening.  I could feeeeeel and knew without a doubt that I KNEW I was right.  I went to the person the question was about to ask him.  He told me “YES”, that what I felt the night before was indeed true.  Later, I asked my Guides why they didn’t confirm my Yes and they said that I wouldn’t have believed them – I needed to hear it from the person.

I’m realizing the way to succeed through anything we experience in life is behind the Self Talk we have about it and the meaning that we give it.

I beat myself up for awhile about not truly listening to my intuition but the various factors of this situation have led me to believe that I wasn’t all wrong – he/she hid it very well and they also energetically blocked me.  He had been giving me mixed messages for months as well – which was a big factor in what threw me off intuitively.

But then my gut feeling and Intuition led me straight to them so I guess they didn’t hide it all that well!  ROAR!

There are a lot of different facets to this experience that make it great for teaching, and I will share more over time.

The moral of the story is….DRUM ROLL…. TRUST YOUR INTUITION!  I know, you didn’t see that one coming!!  TRUST YOURSELF too!!

This is why I teach to keep an Intuition or Vibe (as I call it) Notebook.  Keep track of all of these intuitive hits.  While some may be random and seemingly unimportant, others will be very important for you.  Writing them down helps you remember them so you can go back and say “See – I knew that!!”

Here’s to your TRUSTING and ROARING!

Jyll Hoyrup Intuition Expert

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