I have been living in Bacalar, Mexico since mid-October 2019.  I decided to check it out because I fell in love with the Lake when I first visited one quick afternoon back in January 2017.

Bacalar is only 133 km/82 miles from Belize, where I have been living for the last 5 years.

I’m told by local ex-pats that tourism has picked up in the last couple of years.  Many expect it to keep booming.

Only 4 hours from Cancun, Bacalar is a great getaway for a few days, especially if you love fresh bodies of water.

My Mexican neighbors have come to Bacalar from Guadelejara and Playa del Carmen to start businesses and to seek a simpler life from the big city.

Lake Bacalar is referred to as the Magical Lagoon of 7 colors.  The blues and turquoise colors are magnificent!  The Lake is 37 miles long and an average of 60-70 feet deep.

One of the really cool features is that the lake boasts 4 cenotes one of which is 170 ft deep.  A cenote is a sinkhole or natural pit.  There are many cenotes throughout the Yucatan.

Bacalar is a quiet town.  It seems like restaurants are either open in the day time or night time, not both.  I found a great brewery with the best, lightest wheat beer I’ve ever had (Pyramid Ale being my fave back in Seattle).

Another huge plus and the main reason for me being in Bacalar is to be able to get back to my wake surfing hobby!  I hadn’t wake surfed since I left Seattle in 2014.  I was a bit rusty but still got it (video below)!  ROAR!

Sadly, for me and my home-based business, the internet in Bacalar is not up to the standards I need.  I was told of a few things I could do but honestly, I didn’t want to bother as I miss having a nightlife (weekly dancing!!) and other conveniences (the nearest town for major shopping is Chetumal, 30 minutes South).

My next stop is North to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, to try that out for a month or more!


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