I knew that turning 37 was going to be Life Altering but I had no idea what that meant until today.  I really like the numbers “3” and “7” so putting them together had to mean something Great!  Oddly, as it drew time for my Birthday, I was not as excited as I had been in years past to throw myself a party at the Shark with The Afros.  This year I was flying high with a new Relationship and the excitement of 37 before me.  I definitely think age is an attitude and I definitely have plenty of that on occasion! 

The week before my birthday I bought a beautiful tanzanite gemstone.  Sure, I’m a gemstone lover but to spend that much on one seemed frivolous.  I’m glad I did – I love that stone and ring combo!  The very next day I went big and bought new furniture.  I have always had hand-me-downs so it was nice to actually get something I liked and that would go well in the Babe Pad.  Forthcoming is a piano!

The week of my Birthday I wasn’t really feeling it.  I had a few disappointments and wondered if the 37ness was all in my head.

This past weekend was a real rough one with the break up of that new relationship.  I didn’t realize I would be so emotional about something that I felt would be best for me!  What kind of sense does that make?  A lot, I guess, because I believe everything happens for a reason.  There is always something to learn from each experience.

I took a step out Saturday night and went dancing at the Shark by myself.  I have never done that before but felt “safe” as I am a somewhat of a regular there and truly enjoy the Afros.  Dancing is my therapy and it was definitely a good night to go although I had to talk myself into it a few different times before I just bit the bullet and got ready!  I boogied for a couple hours and called it good around midnight.  I was proud of myself as I walked out though I thought I might have to kick-box the guy walking behind me who was making weird sounds.  Lucky for him I turned left and he turned right.  Roar!  Don’t mess with this little chick!

Speaking on the tough chick note, I have made special efforts to get to the gym every week since January and I have thoroughly been enjoying my pilates class.  I do need to do more cardio and get to the weights but I’m feeling tougher and more toned.  Stay tuned for the 6 pack abs (cause I’ve given up beer – at least on a regular basis)!

I’m doing more for myself and taking care of myself more than any other time in my life.  I am being true to myself and I really value that AND that I am able to do it (been a long road)!

That leads us to today… I went and saw my Mentor / energy healer, Michele, and all I can say is WOW!!!  A one-hour session spilled over into a two-hour session with incredible results that I know will be life changing as the days go on!  I was able to get back a part of me that has been missing since I was 16 and what an amazing feeling it is to feel so Alive again!  I am ready to conquer the world! 

This is my year!!

Jyll Hoyrup Intuition Expert

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