What powerful energies we have had to work with the last couple of months!!  Are you feeeeeeeeeeling it?  Are you noticing?  Are you using them to your benefit?  Comment below and tell me all about it!!  ROAR!!!

We are heading into August with a stronger Foundation towards our Goals and Dreams.  We can easily tap into the laser focus now — WILL WE is the question!?

The SUPER New Moon we had this past week is the first of 3 in a row!  This is a POWERFUL time for setting AND Manifesting intentions.  So tap into it, get clear on your intentions, and write them down!!!

The energies will continue to smooth out.  We will feel more centered and grounded.  It is still the time to be consciously aware of our thoughts – what are we thinking?  Is it useful?  How can we reframe or shift the unuseful into the positive, healthy and very useful?

We have COMPLETE control over our thoughts!  Simply start noticing what they are so you can figure out if they are helpful or not!  You may be surprised at what you find!!

We continue to clear away the old and toxic from our lives.  Anything that isn’t resonating with us is literally being expelled from our life.  This is creating a powerful PLATFORM from which we will stand and grow into our New Life.

New Possibilities will be popping up in seemingly obscure ways but nothing is random about this.  As you become the Newer You, more opportunities will arrive to help you step forward and step INTO that new you.  The energies are fully supportive of this right now.  BE OPEN!

These shifts can help CATAPULT you forward where you may have felt a bit stuck.  USE THEM!  EMBRACE THEM!

Start really ROCKING Your ROAR if you haven’t already!!!

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Here’s to your ROAR!

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