Take a few deep breaths.  Feel into the changes that have been happening.  It is a whole new way of living – of varying degrees – for all of us.

The doors are Opened.

The possibilities of what you can create in your life are Endless.  Sink into that, the Goodness of it and what it can represent if you get out of your own way (literally in some cases) and start making effort and taking action.

When our thoughts are plagued with the struggle, fear, and doubt and being worried about the “how”, we become paralyzed.

When we are paralyzed, we are stuck and often we end up in a spiral of un-useful thinking.

This yields a lack of action.  Breathe out those un-useful thoughts and beliefs.  With each exhale you are releasing those perceived binds.

With each breath, you are allowing the energy within you to shift and become something useful.

With each inhale, you are literally breathing new life INTO yourself, Igniting the Possibilities.

We are sending infused energy to IGNITE that part of you that wants to create something New or Different.  That part of you that wants to move forward.

Breathe in that Infinite Possibility.

Breathe out that feeling of stuck, worry and fear.

Continue for 10 breaths.

Now jot down a few Baby Steps you can start taking to move you in the direction you want to go.  The energy is here to support you.


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