Hi, Precious!

How are you doing After The Eclipse?  Some say they are exhausted. Others say they are finally feeling some relief.  I am one of the rare ones who wasn’t feeling much leading up to or the day of.  I figure I enjoyed the eclipse during my process the last 2-3 months (the energies can affect you 2-3 months before AND/OR after)!!  That’s okay, we’ll call it good!!  haha

I’m digging on all the photos people are posting – what a marvelous experience for those who were able to view it!  ME?  Not so much – clouds and rain here.  Waa.

I began an email to you on Monday that was going to be all about those Eclipse energies.  But, it didn’t flow.  Yesterday I realized that the Message I was meant to give was really for AFTER the Eclipse.  So, here goes – straight from Archangel Ariel who I recently began working with and honestly knew nothing about before a few weeks ago.  I am learning she is quite a bundle of Energy and Sass!  Buckle up! 🙂

(Ariel laughing)  You guys are taking everything WAY too seriously!! It’s time to ALLOW more FUN into your life!  Start LAUGHING every day!

Get dorky!  Get silly!  Get goofy!   Why not?!!!  (Seriously, why not??)

Laughing releases your woes, your stress, your upset, your angst.

Laughing creates internal movement in your body – blood pumps, cells wiggle, and things begin to shift!

Laughing raises your vibration.

Laughing is contagious – why wouldn’t you want to laugh?  Go ahead, answer!  Tell me what is holding you back.

You see, there is more to life than what is swirling around in your brain.

We’re not saying that it isn’t important stuff.  The way you are Dwelling, Worrying and Thinking is not useful.  You are getting too caught up in the STUFF.  And then you spin and have a hard time getting out of it.

Instead, practice getting caught up in how things feeeeeeeeeeeel and then put meaning to those feelings.

Yes, your problems seem big, sometimes even un-surmountable (because of your brain).  This is where it gets fun though!

WHO do you want to be?
HOW do you want to BE?
HOW do you want to FEEL?

It is all about CHOICE.  Making choices.  Then feeling into what makes that choice REAL for you.

What teeny tiny baby step can you take today towards that choice which will lead you to what you want, your ROAR?

Let me know what this choice is and one step you can take towards it!

Here’s to your ROAR!!

Jyll Hoyrup Intuition Expert

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