Trusting Intuition:  I used to make my living in the Corporate America Rat Race but was living an unfulfilled existence.  I had a pattern of getting “great jobs” with lots of potential only to get bored after a few months.  I’d think, “is this all?” and feel misled about the position.  I’d end up finding a new job after a few years only to experience the same thing.  This happened with every single job!  I stayed at my last job for 7.5 years because I was aware of this pattern and realized that switching jobs wouldn’t change anything – I had to change.

I had been wanting to move South of the Border for many years.  I started to seriously consider it in 2012, yet I didn’t quite know HOW to make such a move happen.  In 2014 I was planning my Christmas vacation to Belize and shortly after getting my plane ticket my Intuition and Spirit Guides started telling me that I wouldn’t return home. I didn’t know exactly what that looked like or how it would all come together but I trusted.

I began taking steps so it could happen.  I decluttered my physical possessions, sold my house and furniture.  I donated or trashed what wasn’t put in storage.  Halfway through my vacation, my Guides were still confirming I needed to stay.  Though I was still in shock and wonderment about what I had done to my comfortable life back in Seattle, I decided it was time to Listen to my Intuition (GULP).  I did the only thing that felt right and I took the leap!  I quit my job and stayed to live in a little village called Placencia.

It’s likely you are not interested in living overseas but it is likely you are running patterns that keep you stuck and you feel something is missing.  You feel there is more to your life but it always feels slightly out of reach.  You might know exactly what is holding you back but not know how to break through it.  You might not know what is holding you back but desperately want a change so you can achieve the things your heart desires.  How can I help you make a big or little Leap in your life??  How can I help you Live what is intrinsically a part of you, desperate to come out — Your Roar?

I believe that each of us has the power to create our life the way we want.  We can utilize Universal Laws, Positive Thinking, Visualization, Conscious Intention, as well as what I call Energy Zapping to assist in achieving our goals and desires.  Part of this process involves becoming aware of and Releasing what is no longer useful to us. I groove (and not just because I love Disco and dancing!) on helping others create the life they want through various forms of Intuitive Healing.

I have always been inquisitive and a deep thinker/analyzer.  I like knowing how things fit together and the cause/ effect.  I had to train myself to feeeeeeeeeeeeel instead of think so much!  My life took a dramatic turn for the better when that occurred!  I started going with the flow.  I started improving my intuitive skills:  Clairvoyance (seeing), Claircognizance (knowing), Clairsentience (feeling) and Clairaudience (hearing).

I am highly empathic.  This means I feel you.  I feel the energy of your issues, your situation.  I feel everything and anything.  I have the ability to put things together in an intricate way by both feeling the energy and using Intuition to weave a scenario of understanding.  Sometimes a huge shift can occur by asking a different question.  Sometimes getting a different perspective or asking a different question can lead to a completely new understanding and release of what you thought the “problem” was.

I thrive on learning and growing.  I apply what I study into my life.  I am not afraid of making changes and herein hopefully lies your quest as well — to create lasting changes in your life.  Sometimes we need some Guidance as we go.  I can help you drill down into what the issues are and energetically shift them.

I am an avid reader – and writer.  It was no surprise when I started channeling my Guides during a Meditation in Sedona, Arizona, in 2012.  I have been doing channeled writing regularly since 2014 and am always amazed at the information that comes through.  I mostly connect with my own Spirit Guides but other Guides, your Guides, Archangels, and deceased pets or people communicate through me as well.  In one session for a client, Miss Piggy came through!!  Why not?  It was something the client related to from childhood.  Miss Piggy had an important message and that is what it is all about – receiving a message that will assist us on our path.

The Nitty Gritty:  I enjoy traveling, boating, wake surfing (check out my Personal YouTube channel for some laughs), road trips, dancing and making new words out of my name.  I laugh at myself, sometimes cry at commercials and have been known to write a poem or 550 (probably more than that since the last count).  I am passionate about removing blocks or unhealthy patterns in my own life and look forward to helping you become aware of and remove yours.  Heal, Transform, and ROAR!

1993 Bachelor’s in Family Science, Minor in Psychology
2004-2012 Matrix Energetics Level 1, 2, 3 and Magick Class
2006-2009 Michele Louie Intuition and Energy Healing Mentorship
2011 Marie Manuchehri Intuitive Healing Mentorship Program
2012 Reiki Master
2013 Jaden Rose Phoenix Apprenticeship, 5 months
2014 Crystal Healer, Hibiscus Moon Academy
2014 Sara Wiseman Intuition University Levels 1, 2 and 3
2014-2015 Marilyn Alauria Psychic/Connect with your Guides Membership Program
2017 Law of Attraction Basic Practioner

[This is has been my ABOUT ME page for the last 4 years and it’s time to make a change so I’m saving it for kicks.]

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