Well, THAT didn’t go as planned.  I was supposed to live my life in the lap of luxury, now I’m confined.  Although, on the bright side, I imagine there will be many things for me to see as I bob and weave with each bouncing wave.

The sun beats down on my glass house, then a wave envelopes me into brief darkness.  I was scared the first few times this happened but not anymore.  I’m used to it, it’s happened too often.

I thought I would be kept forever, that words would be documented and read over and over, bringing delight to all whose eyes I caught.

Instead, I was ripped and torn from my first home of a college-ruled mansion.  I miss my counterparts, my family, my brothers, and sisters.  I miss the way we would talk and laugh about what was written.  Sometimes were upset and cried, yes all of us cried.  The words were just that powerful.

I think about what is written on me now, “I LOVE YOU.  The World is at your fingertips.  GRAB IT.  You have EVERYTHING it takes.  ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.” [bctt tweet=”I LOVE YOU.  The World is at your fingertips.  GRAB IT.  You have EVERYTHING it takes.  ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.” username=”justjyll”]

Yeah, now that I read it again I realize I’ve got to give a lot more credit to this new path.

I’ve always wanted to travel and BE SOMEBODY.  Well, look at me now!!!  I’m a perch for birds.  I’m an aquarium for fish to look at!  I’m a winebibber – well if one drop counts, that drop was quickly absorbed by my edges.

Settergren / Pixabay

I feel I have a bigger purpose now.  I feel I will really inspire someone.

Getting ripped away was worth it.  I’mm going to Everything to Somebody – maybe more than on person!

I was just a slip of paper but now I’mm a POWERFUL message in a bottle.  I’m traveling across the ocean to inspire the one who is enamored enough to pick up this bottle and look inside.

Jyll Hoyrup Intuition Expert

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