This morning I rolled out of bed and decided to do my meditation first thing and again while in the bathtub. I got my bubble bath and Epsom salt going in the tub and lit my candle. I usually like to do my bathing/washing in the shower, but since it was first thing this morning I fully immersed myself in the water so I could wash my hair, etc. (usually I’ll tie my hair up and try to keep it dry).

When I imagined pulling the energy down into the earth’s core, it was as if I was outside of myself and my hands were reaching into my body pulling the energy down, chakra by chakra. Then I dove down into the earth with the energy and when I popped out of the earth’s core to bring the energy up I was just carrying a little bit of the earth in my hand. I didn’t think that was anything to shout about until oh wait – there was a huge chunk of the earth’s core behind me – in a dark form seemingly the size and shape of a whale (Collen had talked about Whales yesterday). The whale’s nose was on my feet, which I am realizing now is symbolic of when I swam with the dolphins in Cancun… one of the “tricks’ they did was to push us with their nose on our feet!

My mind seems to still wander when I’m alone. I don’t seem to go as deep as in class (still) however I’m figuring that when I am alone with my own energy (as opposed to the Group’s energy) that I don’t “relish” it as much and “get it and get out” so to speak. Perhaps I need less alone and more with the group? Or it’s nicer to stay deeper longer with the group? Not really sure at this point, just going with the flow.

I’ve always equated meditation to feeling more tired or relaxed. I shall put that myth to sleep (no pun intended!) – starting off the day with meditation has helped me feel more on task and into myself. I’ve been working on chores, paying bills, the tv hasn’t been sucking me in… it’s been a really nice ME day! 🙂

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