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For those who missed class, I will recap my in-class 7th Chakra meditation before I report on the second from tonight.

In class meditation: I had black molten earth come up through my body and 3 pieces ended up on my head, much like a crown or a halo. They stayed there spinning the whole meditation.

Tonights’ meditation (solo on my bed cross-legged, yes I still did the mostly forward folded-up movement/position): Once again, the big mass of black rock came up through the earth and up my body, hitting each chakra along the way, and popped out my head where it seemed to keep flying out into the universe, but then next thing I know it was settled on my head. I thought that I would feel it and it would seem heavy, but I didn’t. It was like an arrow, with the base hovering over my head. I had a deeper meditation at times, with my thoughts not roaming as much as they have in the past. The tiredness could also be because it is the end of the day and my bedtime.

There is definitely something going on here with the earth’s core coming out of the earth and into me. Very interesting! It began during the 3rd chakra.

Jyll Hoyrup Intuition Expert

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