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During the In Class meditation of the 6th Chakra I had a pencil come up out of the Earth’s core and “drill” a hole, so to speak, in my forehead. WOW. As freaky as it was, I took it to mean only good and for my benefit! I continue to practice on tuning into my intuition…

At home, I have been keeping up with my bathtub meditations. I’ve always found a hot shower or bath to be a place of comfort and processing or speculation.

For the one today, I decided to take a shower first and wash my hair then I began filling up the tub. As I sat there getting my rocks situated I had a thought – why not sit in the bathtub but turn the shower on so it would cascade over me? So, I did! It was a cool experience – I was already relaxed from the shower so as the water hit my head I quickly took all energy down into the earth’s core. I was somewhat mesmerized by the feeling of the water hitting my head – very relaxing! Doing it this way I was also sitting up so my upper body could do its flopping that seems very much a necessary part of my meditation process. As I brought the energy up from the core of the earth it was a huge mass of black rock that went straight into my forehead. WOW! Way to end the 6th chakra! I wonder what I’ll be “seeing” this week!!

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