The Eclipse Season (January through last week’s Full Moon) kicked my butt – how about you?

After being out of Belize for 5 weeks, I returned from Mexico on Tuesday.

I feel refreshed, grounded and….well, Different.

One of the best things we can do for our self is to engage in self-care.  If you don’t know how to do this, start with something as simple as saying “no”.

While I was away, my dog went missing.  There was pressure from others, and myself, for me to return to Belize.

I struggled with this dilemma.  Everything inside of me was screaming to stay in Mexico.

So that’s what I did!  Choosing to stay in Mexico didn’t mean I didn’t care about the dog.  It meant I cared about myself and what I was accomplishing on my healing journey.  I felt strongly about not interrupting that process.

Other ways we can engage in self-care:

  • Tune into your BODY.  What is it asking for?  What does it need?  What is it saying?
  • DAILY HABITS (hygiene, journaling, writing, meditation, prayer, tapping into our Spiritual Gifts, exercise, etc.)
  • ACTIVITIES We Enjoy (hobbies, music, dancing, Spa, Reading, Cooking, Bubble Bath, Being Creative, etc.)
  • REST.  Plain and simple.  Slow down.  Sit or lay down!!
  • ALLOWING.  Go with the Flow.  Turn your brain off.
  • and again….SAY NO.

Start small (baby steps, right!).  What is one thing you can do for yourself today to show yourself that you love and care for yourself?

Yesterday I started running again.  The day before that I practiced piano and Spanish.

Today I’m thinking some abs, pushups, squats, and lunges will be good to do.

It doesn’t matter what it is.  What matters is that you start NOW.

You’re probably wondering what happened with my dog.   I wouldn’t leave you hanging like that!!  After 3 days missing, she was seen in my neighborhood.  That meant she wasn’t lost or confused – she knew where she was.  Finally, another 7 days later she showed up at the neighbor’s (the morning of the day I got home).  She was as fat and happy as when I left her!

Here’s to Choosing Yourself, Taking Care of Yourself and ROARING!

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