Mastermind groups are small groups with a specific purpose.  Mentors are imperative to have if you want to learn a new skill, or go places you have not gone before.

When I was introduced to Energy Healing, I learned what I could from Seminars.  It was really working one on one with my Healer, Michele, at the time that really catapulted me forward in both my Energy Healing skills and Intuition.

When I moved to Belize in 2014 and quit my job it was Go Time for my Business.

I joined a Business Academy membership group in 2015.  The training was okay (I didn’t really resonate with the group leader), but I received the most from the connections and networking I had with other members.

For me, Accountability was huge.  I can be very disciplined once I set a goal.  I wanted someone to check in with and bounce ideas off of and it would be a bonus if they were a healer or psychic as well so we could use our intuition and healing skills to help each other.  I had 4 accountability buddies and they all bailed shortly after we got started.  Some of them never even started!  It was really disappointing.

With members from the Business group, I decided to start my own Accountability group in 2016 with other healers and it never got off the ground.  No one participated.

In 2017, a gal I met through a friend.  We did a healing swap with each other.  Months later she invited me to participate in a Metaphysical Mastermind.  We had already been collaborating on me possibly teaching a class to her students.  The Mastermind was a group of 4 women who all had Metaphysical Businesses.  The group met every week to discuss their business, successes, struggles, goals, problems, etc.  I was excited to try it!

It was exactly what I had been looking for!!  Each of us have Metaphysical businesses that we are growing.  Members have left based on personal needs.  New ones have been added.  We are at a core group of 4 now and we enjoy cohesiveness and synergy galore.

I cannot believe I’ve only been involved in this group for a little over a year.  I’ve learned and grown so much.  Here is a snapshot of what I have gotten from being involved in a Mastermind Group:


We all come to the table with different experiences – in how we run our business, in life, in time management, goal setting, and everything else.  Where one isn’t much of an expert, another one steps up to share their experience and insights.  Some of the members are further along than others and they help us figure out the next steps or how to implement an idea.


Each of us comes with our own knowledge, both in our field of expertise and ways to run a business that have worked (and not worked – also good information!).  While we are in the same field, we are not in the same niche and we all have a different audience and core purpose.  Luckily, these overlap so we can promote each other’s work, recommend each other and things like that.


fancycrave1 / Pixabay

Each week one of us gives an overview of what we have been doing in our Business.  We discuss struggles, ask for help or feedback, or report on successes.  The guidance that is shared is helpful, useful and nothing short of amazing.  We also discuss personal life issues and the support is the same.  Many times we receive intuitive guidance which is fabulous!

Praise and Love

We cheer each other on, boost and build each other up, and embrace each other over cyberspace.  We learn to acknowledge ourselves and share our accomplishments.  When we are possibly overlooking seeing the positive side, one of us inevitably does and can share it.  We have mutual respect, care, and concern for each other.


Lastly and probably most importantly, we have all gotten very close and look forward to our time together.  We share personal as well as Business successes and problems.  We count on each other, love each other, and consider each other Friends.  We have such a tight-knit, close group now we are talking about meeting up in person!


I got what I wanted in the form of 3 fellow Psychics, Healers, and Accountability buddies!  My Business goals have been met.  My Business has grown.  My belief in myself has increased tremendously.  I look forward to more and more years with my Metaphysical Mastermind!  Roar!

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