I woke up at 3 am.  Crimes!  I suppose I got around 6 hours of sleep but I was really hoping for more!  Did you know that the energies of the Moon can interrupt or affect your sleep?  I seem to have sleep issues a few days before a Full or New Moon.

It will not just be a New Moon on Wednesday but a SUPER Moon.  AND it will be the first of THREE SUPER Moons (June 13, July 13, then August 11).

A SUPER Moon means the Moon looks really big (well, you can see the Full Moon probably not the New Moon) AND is also closest to the earth.  Energetically speaking it means the energies are RAMPED UP – SUPER-CHARGED – and it will be an extra SUPER Magical and ROARish time for intention setting.  New Beginnings baby!

New Moons mark the beginning of a new Moon phase cycle so it makes sense that the energies help create Intentions, set Goals, start new Projects, and declare Wishes.

Since I channeled a Full Moon Ritual I figured hey, let’s not leave the New Moon out – what kind of Ritual would that look like?  And what about a SUPER New Moon?  Let’s find out!!

The 5- Step NEW MOON Ritual

1.  Create the Space.
Having the proper energetic container to create in is crucial.  Decide where you want to physically be when you do this ritual.  It can be anywhere that resonates with you.  Do you have an altar in a dedicated room in your house?  Do you lay on your bed with your crystals, pen and notebook and a candle burning on your nightstand?  Do you sit in your yard or in a park under the stars and Moon?  Once you’ve decided where that is, burn a candle or sage, light some incense, or ask your Guides and the Archangels to energetically clear and prepare the space for you.

2.  Gather Your Tools.
Tools are any items that help you with the creation process, such as a notepad and pen, Crystals/gemstones, candle, incense, singing bowl, background music, feather, pendulum, tarot cards, oracle cards, Journal, essential oils, and/or anything else that you like to work with.

3.  Decide Your Intention.
New Moons are usually about creating Intentions or putting out Wishes.  What are you wanting to bring INTO your life right now?  What are you wanting to START?  BE SPECIFIC and very clear about your intention.

4.  Create Your Intention.
If you are using Tools, get them ready.  Dab on some essential oil, hold or place your crystals where you want them, pull some Tarot/Oracle cards, etc.  If you are speaking, say your Intention out loud with fervor.  Feeeeeeeeel it come from within and project it out of your mouth as if that action is what creates it at that exact moment.  If you are writing, jot down everything about that Intention with the belief that every stroke of the pen is creating it from all parts of your inner and outer world.

5.  Ignite.
Breathe.  Smile.  Bask in the delight that you have created what you want.  What does that feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel like?
Visualize.  See White Sparkly Light cascade through your Crown Chakra (top of your head) and down into your body, igniting and filling every space with your intention/desire/wish.  See and feeeeeeel your intention coming true.  What does that feeeeeel like?  Now, expand that feeling.  More.  Expand.  Ignite.
**SUPER-CHARGE it by going even bigger with your expansion.  Really feel into it and see it coming true as if you are watching a movie of your life unfold.  Really feeeeeeeel it – this is the secret sauce for Igniting it.  ROAR!
Closing Statement.  As prayers end in “Amen”, end your Ritual with a saying that you like, such as “so it is” or “Namaste” or something more lengthy that you like.  This can be something you come up with yourself.  The key is that it brings finality to the process.

This Wednesday is the SUPER NEW MOON so you have a couple days to plan and prepare for this ritual.  Really take some time to write out what you want to create in your life.

Let me know if you do the ritual and how it goes for you!

HOWLING at the SUPER New Moon and ROAR!

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