2021 in Review – The Jylly Adventures

😁 Returned to Mexico for extensive Dental work. Spent 8 visits over 5 weeks and a total of 28.5 hours in the Dentist chair – giving me a brand set of top teeth, and a new smile!

🤩 Asked out on a date in Mexico – it had been 947 days since my last first date! He didn’t show up but just being asked was a huge confirmation of my shifts.

🤩 Purged and re-purged all of my possessions.

🤩 Definitely (re)discovered and confirm that I am a Highly Sensitive Person.

🤩 Continue to live with my parents in Washington and remain social-less for the most part.

🤩 Continue cocooning and regrouping.

🤩 Continued largely staying off Social Media except for notifications (STILL highly recommended, especially for us Highly Sensitive People!).

😁 Saw a local Dentist, got new x-rays and both he and Cancun Dentist confirmed my bone is healing well, though more to heal. HOORAY!

🥳 Wrote and self-published a book (in 2 months) called Rock Your Intuition — something I have wanted to do for 30 years!

🤩 Launched a successful 8-week Rock Your Intuition Bootcamp – love helping people RECOGNIZE and TRUST their Intuition!!!

🤩 Tried online dating again for about 2 months. What a joke. Online dating was best in 2004 (did meet 3 decent guys between 2012-14).

🤩 Renewed lessons in Letting Go and Detaching – with regular practice this time which makes a huge difference (creating a habit and auto-response).

🤩 Big lesson in accepting the Free Will, Free Choice, Stubbornness, Pride, Decisions, etc. of others (ties in with detaching and letting go lesson).

🥶 Experienced single digit, freezing weather for the first time in years!

🥳 Read 150 books (new record!!).

LIVIN’ and ROAR!!!


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