2020 took me (Spoiler alert) from my Simple Life living South of the Border back to the U.S.A. where I hadn’t been for over 5 years.  The interesting thing is that back in November 2019 I had the intuitive hit that I would be back in Seattle in August 2020.  That made ZERO sense to me as I didn’t plan to and could see no reason why I would return to the U.S.  Little did I know…

2020 Year in Review

🤩 Moved from Bacalar, Mexico to Playa del Carmen, Mexico

🤩 Was about to get dental work done when the Pandemic closed everything down

🤩 Met amazing new lady friends in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

🤩 Made new friends online

🤩 Due to the pandemic, ended up hightailing it back to Seattle after living 5 years 3 months nonstop in Central America.

🤩 Moved back in with my parents at age 50, which allowed me to re-visit childhood wounds and use my Adult Skills and Tools to heal

🤩 Gave up 2 best friends and one friend

🤩 Enjoyed all the greenery, water, and neighborhood walks, and floats on the pond (more like a super small lake)

🤩 Focused heavily on Releasing all the little and big things that were getting in my way or no longer serving me.

🤩 Saw the Tulips though there was no Festival

🤩 Went to Costco for the first time in probably 8 years. Holy overload! Must.Buy.All.The.Things!

🤩 Got a colonoscopy

🤩 Got a Barium Enema X-ray when the colonoscopy failed

🤩 Rekindled with one previously given up best friend – to forge a new relationship and reconnect in a new way

🤩 Learning about my Energy Levels and other important things my Manifestor Type (Human Design) teaches me

🤩 Forged new ‘adult’ Relationships with my parents and am enjoying time with them and appreciating them for who they are

🤩 Began a re-purge of all my worldly possessions that had been in storage since I left in 2014

🤩 Shredded 7 boxes of old bills, statements, paperwork, you name it

🤩 Played the piano again regularly! I played once in Belize at a cafe on the side of the road!  A very out-of-tune piano I might add!

🤩 Over-indulged in spending money now that I had an address to ship to easily (oh yeah I’m totally blaming it on the address!)

🤩 Helped 67 new clients with shifts and transformations!

🤩 Ran my first Bootcamp (Stash the Cash) which quickly led to a second (Amore Galore) which I absolutely loved doing! (Stay tuned for Body Image Bootcamp coming sooooon!)

🤩 Went into deep regroup and Cocoon mode

🤩 Stopped going LIVE every week after 14 months straight

🤩 Checked FB notifications once a day and stayed off the newsfeed for 4 months and counting (highly recommend and sorry if I missed anything in your life!)

🤩 Read 58 books (stay tuned for the blog)

🤩 Invested in some Business Training to start a new venture (still in the beginning stages and keeping it quiet for now)

🤩 Bought an Amazon Fire Stick and went to Jailbreak City and enjoy free shows and movies along with paid IPTV (highly recommend!)

🤩 Moved furniture, became a Plumber, and Master Ratcheter (oh that’s a thing now in my world! I removed the DirectTV antenna off the side of the house with parents encouraging me – aka directing me – from the bottom of the ladder!), and full-time Family Tech Girl.

🤩 Almost finished 49 puzzles (still working on it. I personally want to quit and call it good at 48.75 puzzles LOL)

🤩 Purchased some Charms to start using in Divination


Wow, that was more than I thought I’d have! ROAR!!!


Jyll Hoyrup Intuition Expert

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