My internet is back on!  Woohoo!!  Two days without and two days before that with it going in and out – this is cause for Celebration!!  *happy dance*

I’ve been talking about 2020 quite a bit each week during the Manifest It Show (yesterday included one last 2019 release and Zapping Up intentions using SUN energy – check it out!), let’s put it all together now, shall we?  <drum roll>


Image by M Harris from Pixabay

2020 isn’t just a New Year or the start of a New Decade (while that is huge in itself).  There is really a sense of literally, physically, energetically NOT being able to take anything old with us as we step across that threshold of Midnight.

Our lives now have shifted.  Who we were doesn’t exist anymore or is slowly fading away.  There is more room for our Soul Purpose.  There is more room for Authentic Living.  There is more room for US in our own world.

This may shine through as a new job, a new place to live (location or house), new relationships, new Tribe, and especially new thoughts, beliefs and attitudes.

The energy has been serving us this past year to really shift out of old patterns of not only thoughts and behaviors but ways of living.  What once “worked” for us now feels odd and unfamiliar.  You may find it easier to discard things that you used to hold onto so tightly.

This is literally the opportunity for you to draw the line in the sand (or snow!) and step over it.  If you aren’t already, get really clear on what you want your life to look and feel like.  What does that include?  What doesn’t that include?

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We are also in Eclipse Season for the next couple of weeks.  Eclipses are powerful energies to assist us in Beginnings – and Endings.  This means if we haven’t made conscious choices about what stays or goes, The Universe could very well give us a nudge (or blow up).

This decade is OUR TIME to step into our Greatness.  Are you Ready???

Here’s to ALL your ROARING Amazingness in 2020!

Jyll Hoyrup Intuition Expert

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