I’m kind of impressed that I read 90 books this year!!

Granted, being able to do what I want every day allowed for a lot of reading time!

One thing I had to get used to this year was reading on a Kindle (sigh).

I really struggled with this because there is something spellbinding about holding a physical book, feeling the weight of it in your hands, turning the pages, and especially seeing how close you are to the end.

I only brought a few books though so I had to turn to my Acer Tablet and Kindle app if I wanted to keep reading (no library here and not many places to borrow books).  I will admit, it didn’t disappoint though it took some getting used to.  There are a plethora of Free or inexpensive books and most of the ones I’ve read have been enjoyable (I now stop reading if it isn’t)!  I can read in the dark now and easily shut down the tablet as my eyes get heavy, that is a plus.

I still prefer reading a physical book though.  I’m sure that will not change.

Each year I have a goal to read more Spiritual, thought provoking or instructional books and as usual I have once again kept to reading mostly mysteries!  I guess those engage my mind as well as give me the chance to escape.

I’ve always loved board/card games, puzzles and problem solving so it makes sense Mysteries are my favorite.

This year I read a couple History books (my least favorite subject but they ended up helping me in a Trivia Crack game – Score!), Business books and Memoirs (to get an idea of how to write mine).  I’ve been reading a couple Spiritual/Metaphysical so those will easily hit next years list.

I seem to latch onto one author each year who is new to me and just reels me in so much that I have to read every book they’ve written.  Well, move over Harlan Coben because…


My favorite new author this year is Nick Pirog.  Hands down.  No doubt about it.  That guy makes me think!  Not that I ever need help in that area but it’s WHAT he makes me think about:  how would you live if you were only awake ONE hour each day and the After Life (or is it?).

Okay maybe I’ve had thoughts of dating Thomas Prescott too, crimes way to get it out of me!!  I also spent a few bucks on Nick’s books.  Totally worth it.  I usually read them in a day or two because I obviously can’t put them down.  Then I can’t stop thinking about them.  Highly recommended.  Go read one NOW!

On to The List!!  I’ve put ** by the ones I really enjoyed.

1. Tell No One by Harlan Coben

2. I, Michael Bennett by James Patterson

3. You’ve Been Warned (oops I read this one previously but forgot) by James Patterson & Howard Roughan

4. Picture Perfect by Jodi Picoult

5. D.H. Lewis – Affairs of Life by G.S. Frederick ** this is a book written by someone I know here in Placencia!

6. Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult

7. A Shot in the Bark by C.A. Newsome

8. The Enemy We Know by Donna Whiteglaser

9. Spying in High Heels by Gemma Holliday

10.  Blowback by Lisa Hughey

11.  Innocent in Las Vegas by A.R. Winters

12.  30 Days by K. Larsen **

13.  To Kill For by A.J. Carella

14.  Murder To Go by Chloe Kendrick *

15.  Seven Wakings by S.K. McCauley **

16.  Dead End Job by Ingrid Reinke

17.  The Heartbreaker by Carly Phillips

18.  A Touch of Ice by L.J. Charles

19.  Sastun by Rosita Arvigo with Nadine Epstein **

20.  Chasing Justice by Danielle Stewart

21.  Virtually Scared to Death by Gillian Larkin

22.  The First Rule of Ten by Gay Hendricks and Tinker Lindsay **

23.  Ash by Jason Brant **

24.  Dead Wrong by Leighann Dobbs

25.  Hostile Witness by Rebecca Forster

26.  Elusive by Sara Sosett

27.  The Aura by Carrie Bedford  **

28.  This Doesn’t Happen in the Movies by Renee Pawlish **

29.  Hot Property by Carly Phillips

30.  Taboo by Casey Hill **

31.  The Hit Woman Gets Lucky by J B Lynn **

32.  Deadly Stillwater by Roger Stelljes **

33.  Vanish by Tess Gerritsen **

34.  3:00 AM by Nick Pirog **

35.  Champagne & Lemon Drops by Jean Oram **

36.  3:06 AM by Nick Pirog **

37.  Unforeseen by Nick Pirog **

38.  Arrival by Nick Pirog **

39.  Borns by Nick Pirog **

40.  Changes by Judith Arnold **

41.  3:10 AM by Nick Pirog **

42.  Tuesday’s Child by Dale Mayer

43.  Girl Jacked by Christopher Greyson **

44. 3:21 AM by Nick Pirog **

45.  The Proposal by Lily Zante

46.  The Day Bailey Devlin’s Horoscope Came True by Rebecca Forster **

47.  The Last Call by George Wier **

48.  The Mind Readers by Lori Brighton

49.  Double Dare by Rhonda Nelson

50.  Stiff Arm Steal by AJ Stewart

51.  It Started With a Kiss by Lindy Dale

52.  I, Spy by Jordan McCollum

53.  Eyeshot by Taylor Adams

54.  Crime Scene by Casey Hill

55.  Planter’s Punch by J.A. Konrath & Tom Schreck

56.  Noble Justice by L.T. Ryan **

57.  What Stays in Vegas by Beth Labonte **

58.  Quinn Checks In by L.H. Thomson **

59.  Gray Matter by Nick Pirog **

60.  The Lake House Secret by Debra Burroughs

61.  Deadly Dossier by Josie Brown **

62.  Frozen Past by Richard C. Hale **

63.  The Day We Blew Up The Cat by S. Peter Lewis **

64.  Jacks Are Wild by Christopher Greyson

65.  The Girl In Between by Laekan Zea Kemp

66.  Afrikaans by Nick Pirog **

67.  Chez Stinky by Susan Daffron

68.  An Appointment with Murder by Jennifer L. Jennings

69.  An Act of Deceit by Jennifer L. Jennings

70.  The Guestbook by Andrea Hurst

71.  Fade to Black by Tim McBain and L.T. Vargus

72.  Killing me Softly by Bianca Sloane

73.  The Grave Man by David Archer **

74.  Perfect Crimes by Jack Erickson

75.  Cuts Like a Knife by M.K. Gilroy

76.  Abraham Lincoln – Just the Facts by IP Factly

77.  Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes by Denise Grover Swark

78.  Piece by Piece by John McGuire

79.  WordPress by Andrew McKinnon

80.  Make Money Online by Robert Smith

81.  Beginners Quick Guide to Passive Income by Alex Nkencher Uwajeh

82.  Diary of a Skinny Mailman by Eugene G. Gentry

83.  Both Sides Now by Shawn Inmon and Dawn Inmon **

84.  Feels Like the First Time by Shawn Inmon

85.  British History in 50 Events by James Weber

86.  Drained by E.H. Reinhard

87.  A Gift of Ghosts by Sarah Wynde **

88.  Time Thieves by Dale Mayer

89.  Nine Lives of Adam Blake by Ryan Gladney **

90.  Game, Set, Match by Nana Malone

Oh whoops – realized this list doesn’t include the eBooks I’ve read this year…probably only a handful.



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