The Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn… I guess this could be categorized as Parties and Nightlife although the events you are about to read about happened in the middle of the day!

My new fun thing to do is to hit the Afrodisiacs when they play at the Muckleshoot Casino on a Saturday afternoon.  The logic behind this is:  free (the obvious), it is the middle of the afternoon (odd but when you wake up at 4:30 every morning, getting to bed early is important.  Yes, even on the weekends!!), and a less crowded dance floor (I have my focus!).  So, we’ve gone about three times so far.  Weekend before last was interesting.  Suzanne and I weren’t really in the dancing mood, which is huge for me, not so odd for her – she paces herself and makes it worth her while when she dances. 

We have met some interesting people – I had no idea there would be regulars at the Muckleshoot.  In fact, every weekend afternoon I have gone I have been very surprised at how many people are there gambling, let alone on the dance floor!  Not that it’s crowded, but there are definitely some regulars, mostly over 50-year-olds, even 60+ dancing to the Afros and really, why wouldn’t they be?  It is their music after all! 

I cannot for the life of me remember his name, but he is an over 60 gentleman (term used loosely) who asked me to dance.  I humored him (my first mistake) and danced with him once.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of the invitations from him and a hence I felt a little bit of guilt and pressure the first time I met him.  This last weekend I said “no” to him a few times because I truly wasn’t feeling the Groove.  Finally, I said “yes” and we danced.  Him leering at me and telling me I looked mighty fine today just made me want to gag.  I tried to dance as far away from him as possible.  I get that guys feel they need a dance partner but… I DON’T need one!  In fact, unless I’m really interested in a guy, I really prefer to dance alone.  That is just how I am — all about self-expression.  I’m there to dance, after all!  I have my focus!  Heck, half the time I am interested or have a boyfriend, I STILL like to dance alone!  Go figure!

Next up is the blonde lady, probably late 40’s or in her 50’s who just cruises around the dance floor like it ain’t nobody’s business – this lady cracks me up yet I also admire her and think I will be like that someday myself!  She is in her groove having a good time.

Hawaiian shirt guy was the coolest.  He wasn’t trying to pick us up or dance, just talked to us about the band and dancing and that type of thing.  He sat down for a few moments and then would leave.  He was a top notch cool guy in my book – didn’t have that Sleaze Factor.

New people.  Alright, on the floor was Mr. Disco.  He had on a suit with a gold button up – discoish shirt on.  He asked multiple ladies to dance and they all said ‘no’ so he went ahead and started to dance on his own!  He was quite a smooth dancer!  After that, the ladies changed their tune and wanted to dance with him — good deal!

Lastly was the guy with the Goatee and the uptight wife.  I pointed him out to Suzanne saying that he could actually dance pretty well!  I know, it shouldn’t be such a novel concept that a guy can dance, but, well, it is!  His wife was not into it at all – you could tell she was just humoring him.  She went off to gamble and he went around telling the ladies that he was married, as he showed his wedding ring, and that he just wanted to dance.  He asked Suzanne to dance and she said no, she was taking a break.  Then she said, “but my girlfriend here LOVES to dance”!  Yes, this statement came right after she and I had a discussion about me not feeling the dancing mood and how I don’t like to dance with anyone!  Crimes!  I wanted to smack her!  (I did give her the what for later about her comment)  A bit later Suzanne grabbed Goatee guy for a dance.  He was gawking at her like there was no tomorrow!  After the Afros were done, we decided to check out oh shoot, I forget their name… another disco band.  While we waited for them to come on we had nice girl talk and Hawaiian shirt talked to us for a bit.  Next thing you know, Goatee guy came over and kneeled down between us with his left hand out.  He said he was married and not coming on to us, not trying to take us home but he was lonely at the table behind us and wanted to know if he could share our table with us, his wife was out gambling.  Suzanne just laughed.  He repeated himself about FIVE times.  I am not kidding.  He added “I am not trying to take you home with me” as he looked right at Suzanne.  Finally he just sat down and proceeded to tell us he wasn’t trying to take us home with him.  He was very smitten with Suzanne.  He thought she was 20 years younger than she is – which must have made me a teenager for crimes sakes!  On and on he went about this.  He tried to talk to us – small talk stuff.  Oh polease spare us!  Next thing I know, I have ice water in my lap – he had spilled it.  His wife had shown up and looked pissed that he was sitting with us so he scurried off to talk to her while I was in shock from a cold crotch!  Napkins and towels were thrown my way and I tried to mop up the mess.  Suzanne and I were still chuckling over the display and bottom line, we figured out the ManSpeak:  I wish I wasn’t married because I want to take you home with me.  GOOD RIDDANCE!

Oh, it wasn’t over yet.  We were talking about all of the characters as we were heading home on 167.  I began passing a trucker and low and behold – he had his head hanging out the window looking into the car.  I didn’t say anything cause we were talking, but once we passed him, he sped up and drove up right along side us.  Suzanne looked over and saw him gawking and we totally busted up laughing wondering what in the heck was going on that day to have encountered so many strange people!

Ah, the joys of an afternoon at the Muckleshoot!  We are curious to find out what is in store for next time!!

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