Breaking News Story that I just had to share!!!

Back in February, when I took off my earrings, I placed them on top of the Dresser – where I always put them. Normally I would do that just for a night to change out earrings. Then put them on again the next day. This time I didn’t. I ended up setting some clothes on top of the dresser, right on top of the earrings when I was cleaning. I swept and mopped and moved things around and when I picked up the items I saw only one earring and realized what I had done!! I scoured the area for the missing area. I looked outside on the ground where I swept out the dirt from the house. NOTHING. Noooooooooooooooooo!! These were a Tender gift from my Hunk!

I asked the question in a Psychic Group I’m in to see what people got on it. I looked where everyone had suggested, yet it still wasn’t found. I KNEW it was still in the house somewhere and not lost (my Mentor confirmed this).

I called in Arch Angel Chamuel (who helps locate missing items) and St. Anthony. I talked to the Earring and set the intention that it would reveal itself where I would see it.

This morning I decided to clean the kitchen counter where the toaster oven sits and I pulled it out to wipe underneath. Something sparkled at me…no way – could it be? I started to smile and chuckle because sure enough, it was my earing found in the kitchen – TWO ROOMS over from where the dresser is!!

It may be 3+ Months later but the lost earring has been found, just like I knew it would be!!!  There is no way that earring could have ended up under the toaster oven unless it put itself there.  #justsaying

TRUST your INTUITION.  TRUST what you are INTENDING (and be careful because literally what you Speak is what you Get, so make it good and what you REALLY want!!) and ALLOW the Universe to provide for you.

Here’s to setting your INTENTIONS, TRUSTING INTUITION, and ROAR!!!!

Jyll Hoyrup Intuition Expert

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