April is here and that means it’s time to participate once again in the Ultimate Blog Challenge (pssst there is still time to join!).

I completed the Ultimate Blog Challenge the first time I participated and didn’t keep up the other times.  Well….drum roll…. it’s a New Month, a New Challenge, and a New Me!  ROAR!!!

The Challenge is to post a blog every day for the month of April (in this case – the Challenge runs every quarter January, April, July, and October).  Are you in or whaaaaaat??

My goal during the challenge is to get back into the habit of writing and posting consistently.  A LOT has been going on and changing in the last 6 months so there should be a lot to say!!

I forgot it was April Fool’s so I’ll leave you with a memorable, and goofy April Fool’s story from 1983.

I was 13 and my younger brother was 9.  We lived in Alexandria, Egypt.  We had no Television (well wait, that isn’t true we had TV but the only show in English was Knots Landing and we weren’t allowed to watch that) or Telephone so we relied on Legos, magazines, books, and ourselves to keep entertained.

Benn was in the shower and I started yelling “Fire!  Fire!” to which he promptly gurgled that he knew it was April Fools and there was no fire.

I didn’t let up.  “No Benn, there’s a Fire, c’mon!”

Still nothing.

Image by Foto-Rabe from Pixabay

I hollered, “Fire!”  “Fire!”  “You gotta get out of there!”

I was quite pleased and giggled to myself when I finally heard the shower water shut off.

As he opened the bathroom door, hair wet and his towel wrapped around him, I lit a match and yelled “Fire!”

He, of course, rolled his eyes.

I’m not a big April Foolser and I’m wracking my brain now to remember any other April Fools joke and can’t.  This is the one etched in my mind and it’s not even anything in all reality but I still chuckled and feel pleased with myself for it even all these years later.  I guess that is what counts!

FIRE!!!!  And April Fools and Roar!!!


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