Just a quick Good Morning and how are you??

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Time:  Noon PST/1 PM MST/Belize/3 PM EST/8 PM London/12:45 AM Tues Nepal/5 AM Tues AEST

If you haven’t joined in yet or watched a Manifestation Monday replay, you are missing out!  They are different every time and of course FUN because hello, I’m there!  *giggle*

Today we are tapping into the Master 22 Day energy of tomorrow!  This is a very grounding energy from what we experienced last time but I’m open to it being a bit different today – who knows!?  It could feel totally different today!

What to expect:

1.  Set your Intention.
2.  We get you energetically CONGRUENT with your Intention.
3.  We begin the Zap It Up™ process!  This is where we pull in the current Energy that we want to work with!
4.  We IGNITE your Intention.
5.  We EXPAND your Intention.
6.  We MAGNIFY your Intention.

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Let’s ROCK your ROAR!!!

P.S.  Join the Clubhouse – Ignite Your Intuition!  We are having fun with daily practice, weekly readings, and all things Intuition & Spirit Guides!

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