I’ve got a few more books to add to the list…

21. Copy Kat by Karen Kijewski
I used to read this Mystery series ten or so years ago and enjoyed them! I found this one at my favorite bookstore (Half Price Books) and you can’t go wrong for a Dollar! It kept me guessing, good read!

22. Bubbles Ablaze by Sarah Strohmeyer
I couldn’t get into this book at all – it took me forever to finish it when it should’ve taken only a few days. It ended up being entertaining though!

23. Judge & Jury by James Patterson
I swore off Patterson a couple years ago because of a serial killer book that was just too much for me. I really like his writing style and short chapters and characters and ugh! He just lures me in. I decided to try Patterson again and had a few on the shelf. Still gruesome. I don’t know…there are a few more on the shelf waiting….can she continue reading them folks? Stay tuned…

In other news, I got rid of my cable a month or so ago. OH yeah, Comcast and I broke up. My “special” pricing went away and I just couldn’t justify spending the price of a plane ticket every month on something I don’t really need or use. FINALLY! It’s something I’d been thinking about doing for awhile but just hadn’t made happen. It felt weird – because it was breaking a habit (TV watching just for the noise or boredom or vegging – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) but also a relief! I have a media player with Netflix, Hulu and Pandora on it (so I can still have my 70’s music playing ;). I’ve found I have to be way more Purposeful in what I watch. I used to be a big channel surfer. It always drove me nuts that I had over 500 channels including a handful of movie channels and there was nothing on! Now I try to have a plan in mind and movies/shows I watch or am interested in seeing in my que. I spend way less time watching TV now! It has been nice and I haven’t missed it! The weekly shows I watched before…I haven’t seen them in a couple weeks and I don’t mind! Great lesson! And, of course, this will allow for more time to READ!

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