Stash The Cash 

Radical Abundance Bootcamp

A FUN  Journey that will restructure your Beliefs about Money, re-align your Frequency and boost your Vibration!  Create daily habits that immediately connect you to the Universal Abundance that is YOURS!!!

This takes place in a Group setting however is Personalized to you during the processes!

Length of Commitment:  35 Days 

What is Needed:  Open Mind, Desire and Intentions to Allow more Abundance in your life, and ONE NOTEBOOK!


We’ll start with an Energy Healing Release that will unravel and remove old, stagnant unwanted and unuseful energy around Money, Abundance, Finances, Bills, Deserving, and Worth, etc. (this is the personalized part! Meaning whatever comes up for you!).  Repeat once a week.

This will leave you feeling energetically lighter and in your own energy. 
You will feel more awareness of your automatic thoughts around Abundance and you will gain more clarity regarding what you can start creating in your life.


Now that we have unraveled and released old Energy, we will build on that by taking ourselves through an Energetic process to investigate our current beliefs around Money, Wealth, Abundance, Deserving, and Worth, etc (personalized).  Repeat once after a week in case anything new surfaces.

Once we acknowledge what our current beliefs are, we can either keep them if they are in our Best and Highest good OR we can release them and create New Beliefs that are more in alignment with our current Self.


We need to make a note of where we are starting from so can track our progress.

You’ve just done this with the Energy Healing and Belief Buster (jot down some notes about what came up for you!).  Now do it for your bank account – write down the amount in it.  Write down how you feel about money. 


Now that you have New Beliefs about Abundance, Money, Bills, what you Deserve, your Worth, and how you can live, it’s time to tap into that and make it come ALIVE!  

What does your life look and feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel like now with these new beliefs?  What are you wanting to create?    

Create a Vision Board to start attracting those new things and feelings!


There will be one Energetically Infused Visualization to repeat daily.

Visualizations are an amazing way to see yourself AS IF what you are wanting has already happened by pulling that energy and frequency into your Awareness (and then your Reality)!

Disclaimer:  This visualization will take you out of your comfort zone and create supernatural and powerful shifts in your Vibration and Frequency!


Daily Journal writing prompts will get your mind, eyes, and physical movement (ie hand-writing it!) connected to what you are wanting to create in your life. 

Journaling will not only connect your creation across your Senses but will create a compound effect which will Magnify the New Beliefs and your Visualizations.


Once a week we will IGNITE, EXPAND, and MAGNIFY the energy around your Intentions to create more Abundance, Money, Wealth, and useful beliefs about Deserving and Worthiness, etc (personalized).

Hi!  I’m Jyll Hoyrup!

I woke up on 5/5/2020 and the idea for this Program came flooding in.  Due to World Events (I don’t say its name), many of us are bogged down by Collective-Consciousness (or our own) feelings of lack, fear, worry, despair, losing our jobs, losing our income, losing our Self-Esteem, and just feeling out of sorts!

It’s time we took back our POWER and our ENERGY by tapping into the Collective Consciousness of ABUNDANCE and POSSIBILITIES because there is more than enough of both for all of us!!  ROAR!!!

Oh yeah, I’m Jyll and I used to be an extreme Over-Thinker until I learned about Energy Healing, using my Imagination and how to tap into my Intuitive gifts. 

That led to a complete life overhaul as I transformed mySelf and my life into something (and someone!) that honored my Soul Journey which included a deep-seated desire to help other people Transform their lives.  

Let’s have some FUN while we put in a little effort Together to create some new, powerful Daily Habits that will assist you in Transforming your life as it relates to Money and Abundance!  It’s time.  



What They Say

Aside from being just ridiculously fun, (which is not ALWAYS the case with energy healers), Jyll is one of the most intuitive and creative people I’ve ever met and one of the most effective healers. I came to her wanting to clear some money blocks, and boy did I clear them! Within two weeks of her session, I received not one but TWO Christmas bonuses from work and had a major marketing opportunity drop into my lap. Most importantly, Jyll works with who YOU are, not just as a spiritual guide. She uses her creativity to work WITH you and empowers you to instantly develop your own tools to make real and lasting changes in your life. I am going to need a monthly dose of Jyll, for sure!”

Sheila Gallien, Hawaii, USA

I have done many zap up sessions (private and group) with Jyll. They are very effective and helpful to boost the manifestation of our intentions. I have zapped up and manifested many of my intentions: being selected for scholarships, the flow of prosperity and abundance, to attract friendships, to open the possibilities of opportunities, to perform well in jobs and learning process (it helped me learn the French lang so easily and effortlessly).
It has made my life so interesting and Magical!

Aastha Sharma, Nepal

I have participated in many of the Zap It Up sessions with Jyll. They are an hour filled with upbeat energy and “surprises”. I feel peaceful and energized afterward. Jyll is very knowledgeable, has a dynamic personality, and is a powerful energy healer. I had the same 3 intentions each week, and I am happy to say that one of the intentions has fully manifested in my life!! I would highly recommend working with Jyll. She is a very lovely person and genuinely cares about her clients and helping them advance on their spiritual path. I am so grateful for her help in my life. I just love and adore her.
Cynthia, Illinois, USA


Treat Yourself to a Soul Roaring Transformation!

Jyll Hoyrup Intuition Expert

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