Jyll Hoyrup Psychic Healer helps you tap into your Soul Journey and Ignite your Inner Guidance

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

My Role
I help bring awareness and facilitate transformational shifts to certain behaviors, energies or patterns that you may not be conscious of.

How does Distance Healing work?
Distance Healing works the same as if we were in the same room physically.  Everything is Energy and it exists across all time and space.  I tap into your energy and see (Clairvoyant), hear (Clairaudience), and have an inner knowing (Claircognizance), feeling (Clairsentience), or sensing (Clairempathy) about what is going on within your body and energetic field.

Can I schedule a session for my pet or child?
Yes.  Please contact me prior to let me know the child’s name, age, and situation.

Can I have a healing if I am pregnant?

Can you do a past life regression on me?
Yes.  What is more likely to happen is while working on an issue or pattern from this life, a connection to a past life will show up at which point it can be cleared and healed.

What should I do to prepare for my session?
Think about what you would like to work on, set an Intention that what is in your Highest good will present itself, be in a quiet place, and have an open mind.

What results will I get by participating in a healing or reading?
While Jyll Hoyrup cannot guarantee to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent conditions/disorders, or yield specific results, energy is always shifted and changed during a session.  Readings or healing sessions include information that you may or may not be consciously aware of.  Many times there are energetic patterns running under the surface that we are not aware of.  To become aware of those, then to shift and change them can bring more peace and happiness to your life, at the minimum.  Energy Healings are gentle and unobtrusive.  Moving energy in, through and out of the body can feel relaxing and invigorating.  If you don’t perceive a difference or feel any major shifts, know that there are always shifts in energy.

What to expect during a healing session
Each Jyllicious™ Healing session is specialized for the individual.  I typically start by asking you what you want to work on.  I may be silent or I may tell you what I am seeing or sensing.  I may ask you questions about the information I am receiving.  I will tell you the information I receive regardless of whether or not it makes sense to me.  Often times the message is just for you to understand. You may feel hot or cold as energy shifts and moves through your body.  Emotions, sensations, and/or visuals may come into your awareness.  You may have a-ha moments or a sense of clarity.  You may feel an inner calmness.

How many healing sessions do I need?
I can’t say for sure but from my experience with my own healing, when you shift one aspect of an issue, it allows for other aspects (of the same issue as well as new issues) to show up ready to be shifted.  There are many layers to healing.  We are always changing, shifting, growing, and evolving which allows for the right thing to show up when it is ready to be transformed.  I recommend 2 sessions per month if you are working on big issues or making big changes in your life.

What should I do after a healing session?
First and foremost, drink lots of water.  Listen to your body regarding what it needs and wants.  Rest.  Relax.  Your body will still be shifting and processing afterward, possibly for a few days.  If anything concerns you, please contact Jyll at roar@jyllhoyrup.com.

Rescheduling an Appointment
We know that things come up unexpectedly.  If you need to reschedule your appointment, please use the reschedule link in your appointment confirmation email or email roar@jyllhoyrup.com at a minimum of 24 hours prior to your appointment.


Jyllicious L.L.C. maintains a No Refunds Policy.

You acknowledge that no one has represented to you that refunds are available.

Even if you cannot participate for any reason, you will continue to be billed according to the schedule in this Agreement until paid in full.

Jyllicious L.L.C considers this policy a material inducement to entering into contracts with clients, this Agreement, and would not have done so unless this No Refunds policy were included.

Effective 1 October 2016

Updated November 2021

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