Oh, Thank You, Facebook Memories!  Love these Year End Reviews, though clearly, I should be writing more than a little snippet!

Review: 2017 started with a Bang by being soooo sick (runner-up to 2009 sickness) and never regaining full energy levels. I nursed a hurt Papa Bear (Puppy’s dad) for a few months at my house. I had my own Intuitive Readings Video Show on NAPPN TV. That spring-boarded me into doing Facebook LIVES which led to more clients (Yay!). I launched two programs (one bombed/one succeeded). I started my own Facebook Group teaching others to Ignite their Intuition. My heart got broken into tiny pieces and slowly put back together in a new, improved way. I spent way too many months in that process, however, I learned a lot about myself and my capabilities in love and relationship. My expectations and frustrations about Belize went out the window. I enjoyed a great visit with my cousins Wes and Pam. I traveled to Mexico for a quick vacation. I became incredibly focused on my Big Picture. I participated in and successfully completed a 17-days of Healing Challenge and a 30-day Exercise Challenge. I joined a Metaphysical Mastermind accountability group and started seeing amazing results in my goals and daily Baby Steps (consistency and discipline are key!). I joined a weekly Women’s Writing Group and have written some great stuff! I blogged 10 out of 12 months. I healed my life lesson/pattern of Rejection and Abandonment. I wrote a few poems. I spoke my Truth and stood up for myself. I enjoyed lots of Quiet, Healing time. I started learning about the Moon Phases (ongoing). Mostly I learned what works and doesn’t work, how I want to live and behave and who I want to Become. ROAR!!!

2016 in Review: Got to see my sister, brother in law and kidlets for a day during their cruise to Belize City. Bought an Electric Golf Cart. Applied for Belizean Residency!!! Experienced Love again. Adopted (or got adopted by) the property watchdog, PUPPY! Learned to Fish, and caught (and released) little ones! Confronted the Village Gossip which shifted how she behaves towards me (ROAR!!). Traveled to Playa del Carmen, Chetumal & Lake Bacalar, Mexico. Read 121 Books (goal was 60). Designed and built my own WordPress website. Met a new Spirit Guide who is a Centaur (half man/half horse), so now I know each of my 5 core Guides. Went to two Belizean Dentists for a cleaning (Yikes!!). Finally went to CHIX and had the best Breakfast Burrito and Donuts on the Peninsula. Got internet. Restarted my Netflix account (dangerous!). Met (online) some incredible business women. My second year in Belize…not used to the heat yet but am clear on my purpose and direction. ROAR!

The Jylly’s 2015 in Review:  Quit my job!  Moved to a little foreign, third world country called Belize.  Spent my days doing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.  Intuition increased three-fold.  Daily channeling with my Guides which morphed into a new Service to offer in my Energy Healing Business.  Revamping the Jyllicious website.  Met 3 soul mates.  Built more character (after much frustration) dealing with the peculiar aspects of small town living and a different culture.  Rekindled a few friendships.  Started writing poetry again.  Took up running.  Sleep way better.  ROAR!

Year in Review by The Jylly:  The Theme of 2014 has been Release and Transformation. Releasing old beliefs, activities, habits, relationships, job, condo, perceived “have to’s”, the past, Anything that doesn’t Fulfill me, and personal possessions.  Transformation came through the process of Release as well as classes, mentorship, honing my Intuition, getting Clear about what I want, standing in & speaking my Truth, going with the flow, trusting intuition and trusting that all will happen in Divine timing and for my Highest good.  In superficial news, I got eyelash extensions for the first time (July) and Absolutely love them *POP* and am going back to my natural dirty dishwater blond hair color (if I can stand it – so far so good!).  Here’s to being ALL NEW and ROAR!!!

2013 In Review:  Traveled to Belize, Panama, and Costa Rica.  Road tripped to Redding, California where my life began.  JUMPED OUT OF A PLANE (3 times!).  Rekindled friendships from Schutz School/30 years ago.  Danced less.  Loved more.  Launched Jyllicious intuitive Aromatherapy Business!  Packed and Moved out of The Babe Pad!!  Read 27 books.  Took more time for mySELF.  Learned what is Important to me. It was a HUGE year for Growth, Change and Becoming More…and ROAR!

2012: Shifting galore! Made new friends, released old friends. Firsts: Cabo, Pottery Class,  Glass Blowing Class,  Scuba Class, filled out my first Police report, visited Tulum, Punta Allen, 42′ sailboats and found Soulmates!
For 2013, Jyllicious products official release, trips to Jyllize and Vegas (who wants to go? ) and Who Knows what else! Stay tuned and ROAR!!!

Jyll Hoyrup Intuition Expert

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