You can’t stop me from dancing, except when you are my ride and make me leave!  But other than that, I love to dance!  I must dance.  I feeeeeeeeeeeeeel the rhythm.  I feel the music.  I feel the beat.  I am unstoppable.  I’ll dance alone.  I prefer alone.  Don’t get in my way – I need my room to fully express myself.  Some say I dance weird, but what do they know?  They dance like everyone else on the dance floor!  I only know how to dance like MySelf.  It’s all about ME. 

I asked every guy sitting near the dance floor to come dance tonight and they wouldn’t.  WUWT?  Lame-o’s.  Seriously.  Get over yourself and come boogie down.  Talk about rejection.  Let me count them for you….15 yes FIFTEEN guys said NO to dancing with The Jylly!!  I don’t get it.  Good thing I don’t need a man to dance with or else I’d be waiting a long, long time!

I’m glad I finally asked the lady who was sitting by herself to dance – she seemed to just be itching in her dancing shoes.  And the two chicks behind her – they have no excuse for waiting but they gave us hugs goodbye so that was tender.  And really, the cute girl dancing with us most of the night – she really doesn’t have to marry that guy if he’s such a putz.  At least put on a happy face when you are out with your woman for crimes sakes!  Life is too short. 

Thanks to Fisher for playing all (or most) of our favorite dance tunes.  It must be hard being a DJ but you did a great job tonight!  Thanks to Deb for driving and getting me home safely.  We always tear it up.  we’ll have to work on our “Trouble” focus…

Jyll Hoyrup Intuition Expert

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