The Ultimate Blog Challenge I’ve been participating in for the month of July ends today.  After getting over my desire to quit on Day 9, the rest of the month flew by and it is bittersweet that the last day is upon me.  I’ve been thinking about this blog for a couple days.  Here goes!!!

What did I learn from Participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge?

The most important thing I learned is that I have things to say and if I carve out time to write, I will write.  And isn’t that the truth for ANYTHING else that we want to do, or get better at?  It takes commitment to a consistent daily action of THAT thing.  It’s really quite simple.  Stop talking about it and starting doing it.

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What did I enjoy?

I enjoyed stretching myself and sharing things I may not have thought to share or rather am out of the practice of sharing (I used to blog fairly regularly 10 years ago about my personal life).

What was a hassle?

Two things.  First, getting bogged down by the finer details of publishing the Blog:  over-editing, trying to find the “right” photo, and the layout.  Second, sometimes (amazingly) I had “nothing” to write about even after looking at a list of topics or the daily writing prompt. I quickly got over it.  I had to!

Overall, it was a great experience and one I would do again (the next Ultimate Blog Challenge starts in October – hint hint, nudge, nudge)!

I showed myself I could do it.  I successfully wrote blogs for all 31 days.  I met new people.  I created a new habit with writing that I’d been TALKING about forever.  Also, a very important part of the Challenge – I supported other bloggers with their Challenge by reading and commenting on their blogs.

I went to my first blog of the Challenge, my Declaration of Commitment to the Challenge, and took a copy of my goals so I could gauge how I did.  Here is the list:

geralt / Pixabay

  1.  A consistent writing practice.
  2. Increase traffic to and interest in my Blog.
  3. Step outside my comfort zone and share my thoughts with the world.
  4. Pave the way for discussion, learning and growing.
  5. Show myself that I can write every day AND it won’t take the effort I imagine.

I’d say there is a big check mark by each of those!!!

BLOG and ROAR!!!

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