My eyes lingered on the map, taking in the Continents, Seas, Oceans, and Islands.

I felt a sense of confusion, overwhelmed by the possibilities.  One of these places would be my next destination!  How would I ever choose?

I blame (or would that be Thank?) my Mom for my Travel Bug.  When we lived in Egypt (1983-85) she “dragged” us all over Europe, Egypt, and Israel.  We were bratty teenagers back then, my sister and I, and clearly placed no true value on the sites we were seeing.  That is probably why we weren’t invited to go to Russia and India – though our little brother was.

After those experiences and returning to the States, I had dreams of traveling the World and learning every language.

I spent 6 months in Germany as an Exchange Student my Junior year of High School.  I returned then proceeded to graduate early.

My dreams of traveling the World went by the wayside as I chose to attend College in a little podunk town in Idaho.

“Where did my dream go?” I wondered as I scoured the map, willing for something to jump out at me.  Morocco?  South Africa?  Australia?  The Ivory Coast?  I’d always wanted to go on a Safari — Kenya?  How about Tanzania to mine my favorite gem – Tanzanite?  Visit John of God in Brazil?

Mom is off to Peru – Machu Picchu – tomorrow.  This gets my mind spinning on where I would like to visit next.

While I live in Belize now, I still have Wanderlust.  I still yearn to see and experience More.

Each place has a unique energy, resonance, dynamic, and of course culture.  Which place will speak to me most?

Maybe I can start at this map and Astral Travel – that would be the way to go!!!

Do you have the Travel Bug?  Where did yours come from?


PS I wrote this today in the Heart-Centered Women’s Writing Group.  Join us if you feel compelled.  We meet each Wednesday at 10 AM Pacific.

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