Today’s Ultimate Blog Challenge prompt is to write a Top 10 list.  There are a lot of topics I could write about, but the one that jumps out at me right now as is a list of places I’ve either lived or visited.  I’ll spare you the David Jylletterman countdown and do a chronological one since that will be easier for my Memory (haha).

Redding, California, USA

I grew up in Redding until age 9 (1979) when we moved up to Washington for Dad’s job and to be closer to his ailing parents.  Ode to the days of 100 degree weather, climbing trees, picking up walnuts that had fallen from our 9 trees, running across the street to see if we could use the neighbors pool, joining the Brownie Troop, playing spoons, getting my first clock radio (Mom still has it – that Panasonic is quite the brand!) and listening to wonderful 70’s folk and … DISCO (my favorite)!!!  I also got my first piano and was able to have it in my room.  We’d enjoy melted cheese on Ritz and apple slices while we hunkered down on Sunday night to watch The Wonderful World of Disney.  Those really were the good old days.

White Rock, British Columbia, Canada

My parents grew up in Canada and Dad’s folks lived in Surrey, then later White Rock.  It was a quick 2-hour drive from our home in Washington.  I loved the smell of the Sea air, collecting seashells on the beach, the Fish-n-Chips and the quaintness that is White Rock.  As young adults, my girlfriends and I drove up for a U2 concert and stay with Grandma.

Alexandria, Egypt

The beach (Mediterranean Sea) at El Alamein, near Alexandria, Egypt in 1981. I’m on far left.

My Heart and Soul belong in Alexandria, that is for sure.  We moved there when I was 11 (1981), stayed for one year, then returned again from 13-15 (1983-85).  The. Best. Time. And. Experience. OF. MY. LIFE.  I wished we had never moved.  I begged my parents to let me Board at the school after we returned.  I wish I had gone to college there — or Something.  I couldn’t get it out of my system for years after I left.  We went to a private American School (Schutz), took the tram, learned French and Arabic.  I was one of 14 students in my class.  I became an avid reader as the only shows in English were Knots Landing and Dynasty (I think) and not appropriate for children.  VHS ‘rentals’ from our teachers were all the rage.  The power went out a lot.  My brother and I had every LEGO set available.  I had friends from different countries and quite a few of us are still in contact today (especially thanks to Social Media!).  We had to boil our water then run it through a filter.  I learned to catch flies.  The Boab (doorman) and his friends hauled a piano up 5 flights of stairs for me.  I starred in the school Musicals Annie and Grease.  I was on the basketball team and was a cheerleader.  Mom “made” us travel.  It was years later in 2005 when I learned I had many past lives in Egypt.  It all made sense after I learned that!!!

Nicosia, Cypress

While my sister went back to the States for a visit in 1984, the rest of the family went to Cypress for a vacation.  I loved the beach, the weather, swimming every day and playing cards.  The family couldn’t get enough of the game “Oh Shaw” back then.  I also wrote poetry and long letters to my friends.

Venice, Italy

After we left Egypt in 1985, we took a big trip through Europe and this is where I first experienced Italy.  I later went back in 1987 after my German Exchange Student Program ended.  I love the energy of Venice, the canals, the glass blowing factory, the stairs, the architecture and the colors, the boats and the shopping (though in general, I’m not a shopper).

Zermatt, Switzerland

I remember the train ride up the mountain to get there.  My sister’s ears hurt so bad.  I’d never seen her in tears like that before.  It was summer yet a bit chilly.  I bought two sweaters.  I wore the yellow one a lot (isn’t it funny what we remember?).  Zermatt is a quaint mountain resort town that is below the Matterhorn Mountain.  There wasn’t much for us kids to do here although my brother was somehow able to get lost for a few hours (scary!).

Athens, Greece

There were two trips to Athens for me – one with the family and one on a Spring Break with my best friend, Lia, and her family.  You can guess which trip made a bigger impact!  I remember the busy-ness and language differences.  I was probably a wide-eyed teenager.  My sister got her hair all cut off and a tail.  Well, it was 1985!  New Wave, baby!  It was the first feel of independence.  I know that doesn’t make any sense since we were very independent – roaming the streets alone – in Alexandria.  In Greece, it felt foreign (it was!) and exciting.

Sedona, Arizona, USA

Bell Rock

I took myself to Sedona for Christmas one year, 2009.  Oh boy!  I didn’t know what I was getting myself into but I fell in love with the place!  I kept hearing about it but didn’t really understand the full extent of Energy Vortexes until I got there.  WOW!  The Energy is Amazing.  The rocks, the hikes, the meditations, the huge rocks on loan from John of God – possibly when I first started doing writing Channelings from my Spirit Guides!  I received a Crystal Bed healing.  Holy Jello body afterward.  I love the energy there.

San Diego, California, USA

I could totally see myself living in San Diego.  I like the vibe.  The Beach.  The Sun.  In 2010, I stayed in the Hotel Coronado, which is said to be haunted.  Well, I was working on my Intuitive Gifts quite a bit at that time.  One time in the middle of the night I “saw” (and I use quotes because I saw without my contacts in or glasses on) two ghosts in our room.  Harmless but still!

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

My first trip to Playa was in March 2012.  I absolutely fell in love with it – the vibe, the energy, and the food!  I applied for a job at the Resort where I was staying.  The slow season was starting so they said to try again in November.  I honestly didn’t want to leave but I had a houseful of stuff and a job and blah blah.  When I got home I kicked my decluttering project into high gear.  Playa was the first place South of the Border that I really saw myself moving to.  I ended up deciding against it because I didn’t / don’t speak Spanish.  I’ve traveled there every year since moving to Belize.  I spent extensive time there early this year and can honestly say that not speaking Spanish was a silly reason not to move there!!

Now I’ve got the itch to travel somewhere new!!  TRAVEL and ROAR!

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