All around us are influences of Mother Energy, that nurturing connection.

I was born to one Mother yet raised by another Mother (adopted).

I had many Mother figures in my life: Teachers (Miss Nathan, Mrs. Welch, Janie), friends Moms (Barb J., Dianne, Sheila), Church Moms (Janice, Barb L.) and Co-worker Moms (Judi).

When married in my early 20’s, I wanted to have as “many kids” as possible (Mormon influence? HA). That relationship did not last.

I was Step-Mother to a child for a short time during my 2nd marriage. I didn’t want to have kids with that husband after I learned who he really was.

Then I divorced again and starting my 30’s. I didn’t think about being a Mother because I was focused on learning who I was, who I wanted to be and ultimately was being ME. I was a Mother to MySelf!

I was a Mother to my dog Zeke.

I’ve felt like the second Mother to some of my Friend’s kids (Kristy, April) and sometimes my Sister’s kids.

Then in 2004 (at 34) I met a Man who didn’t want more kids and he questioned if I did. I didn’t know! I hadn’t thought about it. He felt it best not to date because I didn’t know what I wanted (that’s fair).

Time went on and I hit 37. Having kids still wasn’t on my mind. I was dating someone 8 years younger and we had a No Babies joke/rule. I liked my life and the new adventures I was having.

In my early 40’s I was approached to be a surrogate – twice. While I had always wanted to go through the physical aspects of being pregnant, I still wasn’t feeling drawn to it.

Now I am Mother to Puppy.

I never felt like something was missing. I know I have had children in Past Lives and I will again in Future Lives. This life is for Me.

Here’s to ALL the different ways we are Mother’s and allow Mothering in our life. ROAR!

Jyll Hoyrup Intuition Expert

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