I used to love President’s Day weekend, mostly because my birthday falls around that time (it’s tomorrow!  woo hoo!) and it was always a treat to get the day off and go for a long weekend trip during college.  I’m trying to think when the last time I took a birthday trip was and… I think it was 2001 up to Canada.  Wow, I really had to think about that!  So, it’s high time I went somewhere! 

The idea of Arizona came to me when Joe answered a survey question about where he wanted to retire – he wrote “Sedona”.  It didn’t hit me right then but when I decided I wanted to get away, instead of thinking of Southern California, which is familiar to me, I thought of Sedona and Arizona!  Next thing you know, I’m searching on Craigslist for a deal, checking out flights and all that stuff.  Can you believe a rental car for a week costs more than an airplane ticket?  Um, yeah.  Thanks to Priceline I got a better deal but crimes!  It’s obviously been a very long while since I rented a car.

My original plan was to check out the Phoenix area as much as possible because in the next 2-5 years I would like to relocate to somewhere with a warmer climate.  Now I’m not feeling the draw to that so much as to totally relax and experience Whatever is there for me.  I’m also considering that Phoenix is too desert-y for me.  The jury is out as of now… 

So, I’m leaving Sunday and landing in Phoenix.  I’m not sure of the exact plan, but I think I’m going to toodle around the suburbs (Tempe is speaking to me – they have a lake there!  Who knew?).  Monday morning bright and early I’ll take a leisurely drive up to Sedona (about 2.5 hours) and check into the Resort/Spa where I will be pampered in this suite – hello living room and kitchen all for the Jylly?  Saaweeeet!  I have never been to Sedona so this will be a grand adventure.  There is much to do as far as hiking, vortexes, galleries, shops, etc.  I hope to get up to the Grand Canyon (another 2 hours) and check out the general vicinity.  I’m supposed to check out of the Resort on Thursday but right now am leaning towards staying in that area.  There is a wildlife excursion you can do in Camp Verde and since I haven’t made it to Kenya yet, I figured this might be a good “safari” to go on.  I’ll head back to the Phoenix area on Friday and do more roaming around and return to Seattle early Saturday morning. 

How’s that for a Birthday adventure?  I’ll say goodbye in advance in case I don’t return!!  😉

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