Well, it’s here, the end of the topsy-turvy, up and down, back and forth, highs and lows year of 2018.  I found 2018 to be energetically chaotic and emotionally low.  How was your experience? 

On my Personal Life note…
Many of you were around at the beginning of the year when I went through a devastating betrayal — my boyfriend cheated on me with a married woman.  I had never gone through such an emotionally traumatic and damaging experience.  LUCKILY my intuition was providing me with niggles of information along the way (that never seemed to match up completely until…) then literally my Intuition led me straight to catching them.  That there is Real Life and some of you have gone through similar situations and feelings.  I feel for you completely.

I have discovered time and time again that with BIG UPSETS like this it is the UNIVERSE’S way of CLEARING OUT AND REMOVING what (or who) isn’t working in your life or what (or who) isn’t for your Best and Highest Good.

So while life experiences can throw us through a loop and feel extremely yucky, there can be something in it for our Best and Highest Good.  ALL situations and experiences are for our growth, character building and now more and more I’m believing they are for our Ascension.  Keep that in mind as you Live Life.

To end with a Silver Lining – I continue to say and believe there is ALWAYS someone better / different / more of an energetic match for each of us.  The good news is that I met my New Someone a few months ago.  We are enjoying a healthy, FUN, high energy, positive relationship experience.  YAY for that!!

As we close out 2018…
I am sending each of you some energy to help you in a RELEASE.  All you have to do is be open.  Take a few moments to tune into 2018 and allow all that OLD JUNK — FEELINGS, EMOTIONS, ENERGY, EXPERIENCES, BELIEFS, ATTITUDES, ETC. to melt away and leave your physical body, your energetic body, and your auric field.  Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel it leaving, watch it leave.  You may feel it POURING out of you, or TRICKLING out.  It doesn’t matter how it leaves, just know that it is removing itself from all parts of you.  ROAR!!!

Planning 2019…
I completed my 2018 year-end Review (it wasn’t as depressing as I felt it might be!) and working on my 2019 plan and intention setting.  

The energy for 2019 feels POPPING and CRACKLING.  I get a sense more decisions will be made based on passion.  Ideas will SPARK and be easy to put into motion.  Manifesting will take less time.  What we want and how we want to show up in the world will be clearer and clearer.

I picked a WORD for 2019 – haven’t done that in a few years – and it is LIVE.  To me, LIVE is about being calmer, and still, and present in the NOW.

What word would you pick for yourself for 2019?

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Thank you for being on this Journey with me.  Thank you for letting me impart my gifts and wisdom and teachings to you.  Thank you for trusting me to help you succeed in your growth and Intuition practice.

Remember to ROCK your ROAR!!!

Here’s to a complete release of 2018 — ROAR!!!

Here’s to a Welcoming to ALL that we can imagine and intend in 2019. 

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