1. I miss Mexico and the towel boy.  I really really really miss the SUN.  I’m not ready for the cold.  I need to get my Moving Plan into action because life is too short to live in The Gray.
  2. Hate is a very strong emotion and should not be used lightly.
  3. Karma is Real.
  4. Things that SUCK:  condo lawsuits;  Crazy Cat Lady;  Unaccountable people (sadly, I have been one lately);  Gall Bladder attacks and gallstones;  The Afros website giving incorrect info ruining my Saturday night plan;  fading tan lines;  peeling;  having to put away my pink bikini; still not going to Italy (WUWT?); not grabbing ’em and planning my trip to Egypt at Christmas (where oh where did I lose my focus?); being lazy; focusing on what sucks, sucks.
  5. I’m tired of being the tough one – coming out on top, making things happen, conquering, dividing, building character, grabbing my balls (figuratively speaking of course), taking responsibility for myself, not holding a grudge, forgiving, forgetting, moving on, letting go, not being confrontational, acting my age not my shoe size.  Although, it’d be nice to be able to act like a 5-year-old all curled up crying and throwing a tantrum…
  6. What was mom thinking asking me to make the green bean casserole for Christmas?  Everyone knows I make the Orange Whip Salad.  Is she losing it?
  7. Who will I invite over for pot roast and mashed potato dinner?  I’ve got a beautiful roast in my possession.
  8. I lost some of my belly and thighs and might try to fit into another pair of – I’ll call them “previous pants” tomorrow!  It’ll be a surprise if they fit!
  9. Time really does heal all wounds if you want it to.
  10. The 7th Grade Giddiness is one of the Best feelings I’ve felt in a long long time.
  11. The exact thing you hope to avoid could very well happen to you anyway – what you think about is what you get – even if it’s something you don’t want.
  12. I need to be tucked in tonight.  A bedtime story would be nice too.  And snuggling, I gotta have my snuggling!
  13. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.  GRRRR.

Additions on 12/11/08 at 3:13 pm:

  1. It’s really lame that my friend’s husband died Tuesday night.
  2. Met 3 guys Friday night (amazing) – was asked out by one of them.  Where are all the girls?  Is it hard for men to meet women or just women to meet women?  Am I going to have to go back to being straight?  What does it take to find a chick these days!?  Crimes!
  3. The pants fit!  Hooray!
  4. I am officially barely hanging from The Edge.  I was told I was “mean” today at work and I admit it – I was.  I was a jerk and extra sassy – without humor – grumpy – unfriendly, pissy and disgruntled.  I had to put my headphones on and not talk to anyone – I feared what would come out of my mouth next.  DESPISE!
  5. I tossed and turned again last night until about midnight then slept okay after that.  WUWT?  I have a little head – how could there be so much going on in it?
  6. So much for my new habits from a previous blog – I did a great job talking myself out of going to pilates today.  I am completely aware of the process now and I have to say it was pretty amazing how it went down – what all I told myself.  Even after realizing, I’m still not going.  Shine it.  Shine Everything.
  7. I’m seriously considering hopping on a plane to Somewhere for my two week Christmas break.  Seriously.  Why not?
  8. ROAR!!!
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