It’s been a cloudy, rainy, windy morning.  I’m enjoying the cooler temperatures.  The rain is pouring, then stopping.  I love the storms here in Belize.  Well, the non-dangerous ones!!

I did a big electronic decluttering this morning on my Jyllicioous email accounts.  It felt good – to create folders and file emails, delete the old messages or remove myself from mailing lists.  Did you know that electronic decluttering and purges are just as important as physical ones?

I found and reread all of YOUR emails to me.  My heart got all Tenderized and big smiles lit my face up as I read your support, kudos, thanks, struggles, etc.  I really appreciate you!!

You may have seen on Social Media that I am participating in a 30-day Blog Challenge.  We are on Day 7.  I’ve asked myself more than once, “What were you thinking???” but I’m staying committed because I want to create a habit of daily writing and what better way to do it than to START!

The other night I had a conversation with someone about how much I feel and pick up from others.  My clairempathy (which is energetically sensing others) grew supernaturally when I came to Belize.  Being in all of this expansive space left nothing (concrete, buildings, large population, traffic, etc) to interfere with the messages.  You can check out that one and all of my blogs here.

What I’ve discovered through my own work with Clairempathy and helping clients, is that it is so important for us Empaths or Highly Sensitive People to have Energetic Protection, Boundaries, and Filters set up so we don’t TAKE ON everyone else’s stuff.  This particular way of protection is something my Guides showed me and set up for me last year and it has been AMAZING to feel the difference.

Another discovery has been that people pick up other’s energy at varying distances.  For example, I pick up (as of now) from 25 feet away.  That is when energy hits my field and I sense it.  Yours may be more than that or less than that amount.  My Guides told me to start the Protection there, at that distance.

What I noticed when they set mine up is that I still felt things and knew what people were thinking about me (a big bugaboo here in Belize, more on that later) but it had no Emotional Charge to it.  I was merely receiving the knowledge and information, NOT being bogged down with the emotions or feelings that went with the information.

This allowed me to BE in my OWN ENERGY.  I felt lighter and clearer.  I wasn’t as drained.  I was not as upset.  I was able to recognize and take in information and keep moving forward.  It didn’t hinder me in any way.

I’ve been setting these up for a while and felt compelled to talk about it and to offer you a Special $45 Clear and Protect Session if you feel this might be something that you need – in general, but especially as an empath or Highly Sensitive Person.

Like with any Jyllicious™ session, this is totally individualized and personalized for YOU and what YOU NEED in a protection.  I tune into exactly what you need and how you need it set up.

These Protections are set up to last for Infinity too!  I learned that one the hard way!  Crimes!

I appreciate you – your struggles, your growth, your willingness to learn and take Baby Steps towards your goals.  I appreciate what you bring to me through your presence, your questions, your stories, and experiences.

Now let’s go out there today and really ROAR!!!

Jyll Hoyrup Intuition Expert

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