This year I turned 39 and I have to say it feels pretty darn Awesome!  As usual, I threw myself a Birthday party at the Shark Club with The Afrodisiacs and had a rip-roaring good time with all my Friends, old and new!

People seem to always talk about getting older with some negativity and disgust.  Some people constantly say they are 29 or 39.  I say bring on the next year!  I learn and grow throughout the year.  Getting older always brings more with it be it happiness, challenges, new people, shifting out the old people, etc.  I want to keep going and moving forward and embracing what comes next!

2009 and 39 is going to be My Year!  I have stepped into my shoes (okay, purple doc marten boots) and Declared it!  I already feel the shifts of this year.  I already feel that I’ve changed.  There’s been wisdom and amazement.   Most importantly, I definitely feel the excitement of who will be in my path very soon! 

Yup, I’m feeling on top of the world!

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