If you have felt like the energy is dense and things are shifting quickly, you are not alone!  We are in a huge arena of Energy Shifts, Up-leveling, Re-organizing and Re-Igniting our Passion and Purpose!

To best use these energies, buckle up your seatbelt and ride the wave!

This is the time to NOT THINK too much but FEEEEEEL into where you are and where you want to go.

Imagine yourself in the water (or on an inner tube) riding each wave, floating down the river with the current.  You are going with the flow.  You are not scrambling, you are not steering.  You are floating and flowing.

Floating and Flowing.

How does that feel to tune into that feeling, and savor it?  Really tune in!

You aren’t worried about where you are going.  You are focusing on how you feel in the flow as you move towards your Next Best Thing.

You may know what that Thing is.  You may not.  Both are just fine.


Lay back and let the warm sun shine down on you and replenish you with heat and health and vibrancy and energy.  The sun pours powerful energy into you as you sit or lay back and… Float and Flow.

Floating and Flowing.

That is your only focus.

Here’s to your FLOAT, FLOW, and ROAR!!

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