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Love is of the divine.  It just is.  It is all there is.

All-knowing.  All encompassing.  All giving.  All seeing.

Embrace Love.  Embrace all that is.  Give of yourself for/to obtain freedom inside your Soul.

Stop judgment.  Stop insanity.  Stop patterns.

Get quiet.  Go within.  Find the depth of your love.  It is hidden, nestled behind the fear.  The fear must be disbanded.  Don’t glorify it.  Don’t give it notice.  Fear needs the attention in order to survive.  Fear is a distraction.  Love is the answer.  Love brings with it power.  Love conquers the fear.

Love is a four-letter word (joke for you).  Love shatters fear.  Love will break fear.  Fear will cave away and love will remain.

Love has no bounds.  Love has no limits.  Love is everlasting.

Love is a choice.  Love is a decision.

Love is a gift.  Love is a must.

Love is a piece of cake with your favorite frosting.  Love is really that simple.

Love is in the tides, it senses the ebb and flow.  it gives and doesn’t take.  it allows.  It pleasures.  It flows.  It grows.  It lets you be yourself.  It finds new opportunities.  It becomes one with your desires.  It dreams.  It never hinders, it expands.  It allows.  It flows.  It grows.  It just loves.  It is aware.

Love challenges you to accept yourself wholly and completely with no strings.

Love is intricate.  Love rises to the challenge.

Love is in the heartbeat of another, the flutter of their eyes.

Step outside of yourself to find your love within.  Now that you are who you love, expand that to others.

Love will take you to the depths of your soul where there are no known bounds.

Love challenges you to accept who you wouldn’t be without it.

Love does not conquer all things.  Love is the brick and mortar of survival.

Channeled 9-11-2014

LOVE and ROAR!!!

Jyll Hoyrup Intuition Expert

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