July is starting off with a bang with a New Moon in Cancer and a Total Solar Eclipse.  The energy is around a Life Re-set.  Focus your energy on expanding and improving your life.

Really use this energy for Personal Transformation.  Roar!!!

For the New Moon in Cancer, set your intentions around Home & Family, Safety, Intimacy, and Emotional Sensitivity.

This New Moon is the time to really set your Intentions around the life you wish to lead.  Spend some time visualizing how you want to live your life and feel that energy and vibration permeating your cells.

Eclipses are powerful energy portals that create the space to both Begin AND End things.  You might find that certain things (jobs, relationships, situations) “blow up” unexpectedly.  This won’t feel good but keep in mind that it is happening because the energy of it no longer serves your Best and Highest good.

New things that we begin in this energy will Flourish and propel us forward in ways we never felt possible.  Be open!

Mercury goes Retrograde on July 7 so take some extra time with your Communication and Travel.  Notice any whacky things your electronics are doing and please please please do not sign any contracts during this time or purchase any big-ticket items.

Chiron goes Retrograde on July 9.  Chiron is known as the Wounded Healer.  Old hurts might come up during this time in an effort to clear them at a deeper level.  Healing is typically not one and done – there are many layers and variations of the same issue beyond the one you just tackled.

July 16 marks the Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse, which is the bookend to the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse we are feeling today.  A few days later the Eclipse period ends, allowing us to take the shifts we have made and run with them!

July ends with a Super New Moon on the 31st and Mercury goes Direct (remember there are 2 weeks of shadow period afterward).  We have the chance to move forward with our decisions and set new intentions.

All month during our Manifestation Monday Show we will be tapping into these Eclipse energies and using them to release the old and bring in the new!  I see a Healing with the Chiron energies in our future too!

The time is now to get clear on what you want your life to look like, feel like, and BE.  Use these energies to propel you FORWARD.  Start taking those Baby Steps.  Some of you have been waiting around for a sign or the “right moment”.

Well, it’s here.  I’m telling you it’s NOW!!!

Here’s to you taking those Steps and Leaps and Roaring all the way!!!

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