About two years ago when I reconnected with some of my old friends from High School, I was really excited to go to our 20-year reunion.  You know how it is when you run into old friends – you go through the “who are you in touch with?” “what is so and so up to” etc.  That is always fun and there tends to be a wonderment of those you have lost touch with that you wish you hadn’t.  Since becoming a part of myspace almost 3 years ago, I have connected with some girls from high school who I didn’t necessarily know back then but we have become friends now which is very cool!  We spent this past year talking about our upcoming 20-year high school reunion and were excited to go.  My excitement kind of dwindled as time went on and up until the day before the reunion, I wasn’t planning on going.  I just wasn’t feeling it!  Some of the others I talked to were on the fence as well.  I talked to my friend Lori who went to her reunion and loved it, so that got me all excited to at least go and check it out.  I’m happy to say that my excitement sparked the other girls into going as well!

The Girls were going to meet at the Babe Pad to pre-funk around 5 pm.  Erin showed up first and thankfully helped me pick out which outfit to wear.  Cindy, Jill and reunion crasher Terri (from the class of ’87) showed up an hour or so later and we got the party officially started!  We took some pictures and off we went, fashionably late!

We got to the Bellevue Marriott and it was a bit overwhelming to walk into the lobby and see the crowd of people.  The place was buzzing with conversation and groups of people milling about, some I immediately recognized, others I didn’t.  We stood in line because of course Jill and I hadn’t gotten tickets as we didn’t think we were going!  (I also thought I would be in Italy working by now.)  Then the mingling began!  I had to take some pictures for Kari and Heidi who were not able to attend due to living in Boise and Montana.  Camera phones rock!  I felt bad sending pictures – it made Kari homesick, but also like she was there enjoying it too!

I ran into a few people that I had wondered about since graduation, so it was good to do a little catching up, which really didn’t amount to much real catching up now looking back.  I guess you can’t really get into the nitty gritty with someone you haven’t seen in 20 years?  Or maybe we weren’t that close of friends to begin with?  I was actually surprised that no one really asked anything of anyone besides if they were married, had kids and maybe what they did for work.  A lot of times even those basics weren’t asked!  Overall, I felt that our class hadn’t changed – the cliques were still there.

We enjoyed dancing to some 80’s songs and pretty soon it was midnight and they were shutting us down and kicking us out.  Many were staying at the hotel, so people left for room parties and also to a neighborhood bar, which was at last call by the time we got there (WUWT? What’s Up With That?).  By then I was well past done, so I sat back and relaxed while my friends continued talking to others.  By the time I got home I had been up for 22.5 hours!  All in all, it was a successful evening and I had a good time!

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