Such a great R.E.M. song and who knew the song would have meaning today?? This “end of the world” hoopla reminds me of Y2K – such ridiculousness! I missed out on a trip to the Paris Symphony at the Pyramids in Cairo New Years Eve 1999 because of Y2K hype. Crimes!!! That would’ve been awesome! Oh well. I’m still alive and though it isn’t the End of the World, it is definitely the end of our Consciousness as we once knew it. I know I’ve felt the energetic Shifts through out the past year – and most of them Unpleasant!!! I am Better for it now and will continue to forge ahead!

Ironically, I’m on my way to Tulum, Mexico tonight on this 21st day of December 2012…quite random considering when I made the plans in July I wasn’t thinking about the end of the word or even the end of the Mayan Calendar for that matter! I wasn’t even thinking Tulum! My girlfriend and I were going to Playa del Carmen…but alas, she bailed on me so I made other plans and decided to venture further South into the unknown based upon a couple recommendations from friends. The fact that the Mayan ruins are in Tulum is Priceless or would that be synchronicitous (I like to make up words, go with it)? I won’t read too much into it but I will Notice it…quite interesting!

I’m excited for the Adventure!

The hardest thing for me to pack is always my books. Go figure! I’ve got my Tarot cards, rocks – imagine the recharging that will be happening down there in the 80 degrees and energies of the Ruins! MAJOR WHOOP! – notebooks/colored pens (you know it!), new Acer Tablet, new Samsung Galaxy phone aka camera and bikini! ALL SET!

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