Intuition is something everyone has.  Some people may not realize that, or care.  Some people may have struggled in their childhood, not knowing how to deal with things they saw or heard.  Some people may have blocked their gifts because they were scary, or just misunderstood.

When I was a child, my environment wasn’t supportive or understanding of deep feelings or impressions that came from my intuition so I buried mine.  Now, I can look back and see times it crept up into my Awareness.  I didn’t know what it was though or what to do with it.

One of those times was when I was getting married (the first time – there have been two).  It was 1993.  I was 23 and had just graduated from BYU and had recently reunited with my college sweetheart earlier in the year.  We stood before the Judge at the courthouse in our flannels, jeans, and Doc Marten boots.  As the Judge asked me if I took this man to be my husband, inside my head I heard a distinct “NO” and out of my mouth I said, “Yes.”  It never felt right.  We started talking divorce at 3 months and were divorced 2.5 years later.

In that example, my clairaudience (clear hearing) was coming through.  The other main “clairs” are clairvoyance (clear seeing), claircognizance (clear knowing), clairsentience (clear feeling) and I like to add clairempathy (clearly feeling others – person, place or thing).

When we recognize that we have Intuition and HOW we are intuitive, we can feel supported by what I call our Soul Wisdom.  Intuition is information and impressions that come into your Awareness.  Intuition provides knowledge about situations and people.  Intuition can be random bits of seemingly ‘useless’ information.  Intuition can be random bits of ‘useful’ information.

One of the best ways I’ve found to practice your Intuition is to get a Notebook.  You’ll call this your Intuition Notebook.

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This is the place where you will jot down your intuitive hits or vibes (as I call them), your impressions, your dreams, the symbols that come into your awareness, the random “fly-bys” of information, your first impressions when you meet someone new, things you hear (words, sounds, vibrations, energies, music), inner-knowing you have that maybe make no sense, etc.

Start NOTICING what is coming into your Awareness.

Date it and write it down.  Documenting things will force you to start paying conscious attention to these impressions and bits of information that you are undoubtedly seeing around you all the time.  Start paying attention to them now!

Each week go back through what you have written.  Were any of your hits or impressions correct?  Put a check-mark ✓ if it was correct.  Put an X if it was incorrect.  Discovering and noting if you were correct (or not) builds trust and confidence in your abilities.

You can also start asking your Intuition information and write in your notebook.  This is FUN and can be played like a game with yourself.  You can start by tuning in and asking various questions:  Will I hear from so-and-so today?  Write it down.  Will this-or-that happen?  Write it down.  Will so-and-so call/text/email?  Write it down.

Note:  when you are tuning into the actions of others or any kind of timeline information (how long until…) the answer you are getting is for THE MOMENT.  Things can change based on others’ free will and free choice, as well as your own (i.e. maybe you don’t want to hear from them that day due to a bad mood).

The trick is to PLAY and HAVE FUN while tapping into your Intution!  ROAR!

Jyll Hoyrup Intuition Expert

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