Hi Rocking Roar*Star!

It feels like Forevah since I’ve last said hello but I know it was just last week!  I’ve been losing days and time as I have had to continue traveling up to Mexico for a tooth infection issue (more on the Big Story behind that soon).

I have a funny story about Intuition.  You can view it here in the Ignite Your Intuition Clubhouse.  It’s 9 minutes.  Or keep reading and I’ll tell you about it.

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Now for the latest Intuition Story!  *drum roll*

Last week as I was preparing to head back up on the bus to Mexico I mulled over what shoes to wear.  I decided to wear my tennis shoes because I did a lot of walking in my flip flops last time and it was not a smart choice.

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The day came!  I was about to put on my shoes and head out the door to catch the bus when I had this FLY BY (as I call them) or NIGGLE (my new descriptive word for it) of Intuition about NOT wearing my tennis shoes.  I had been thinking about this choice for a few days and kind of shook my head wondering why wouldn’t I wear them, I’d already decided?  I took a second to think about the other river shoes (Keens) that I could wear – no those seem to be falling apart.   I considered another pair of sandals that are more comfortable and secure than flip flops.

This all happened in a matter of seconds.  I blew off my other choices and went with my tennis shoes.  You know how when you are dead set on something that you almost do it out of principle because you had already decided?  That’s how this was.

On went the Tennis Shoes!!  As I walked up the Street to a shady spot to catch the bus I noticed my left shoe didn’t feel right.  I looked down and didn’t need to tie it.  I walked on.  What was that?  I can’t even describe the weird feeling but I happened to look down just in time to see the bottom of my shoe flapping at my toes when I walked.  My shoe was coming apart!!  I didn’t bring any other shoes!

I looked at the time and debated running home to change shoes.  Would I have enough time?  Could I do that before the bus came?  YIKES!  I didn’t want to risk it.  I felt it would be okay and I’d just get new shoes in Mexico.

By the time I got to Mexico, I noticed the other shoe bottom was coming off too!  What the heck!  I had just worn these shoes yesterday and didn’t notice anything!

When I got to my Dental appointment I was telling the person at the front desk about it and he asked if I wanted him to cement it back.  I wasn’t going to at first but decided to try it.  I’ll say that cement did the trick – those shoe bottoms are still connected to the shoe!!  Later I found two pairs of shoes in my size to purchase (that you get to see in the video – Tender!!).

Since it happened, I’ve been investigating that “little” niggle of information.

We get random vibes of intuition ALL the time.  The kicker (get the pun?? 😉 is – are you listening and catching these niggles and do they mean anything to you?  You may or may not have the answer to that at the time of the niggle!

Let’s break this down:
By getting the niggle about not wearing my Tennis Shoes and not listening to it, I was able to discover that my shoes were falling apart and I needed new ones.

If I had listened to the niggle and not worn the tennis shoes, I wouldn’t have known about the shoes coming apart until next time I wore them.  I would have had to buy new tennis shoes in Belize which would have been way more expensive.

Do the niggles matter?  In this case with tennis shoes – probably not.  I did have visions of the whole bottom coming off.  That might have been a safety issue.

Listening or not listening — it takes you to a different outcome.

If this was a niggle about choosing a different route to drive and subsequently avoiding a life-threatening accident then Yes, the niggle matters.

The beauty of Intuition is that we all have it – it’s always coming to us.  Are we paying attention?

We get intuitive hits and can do what we want with it – listen or not.

Act on it or not.

We have free will and free choice – ALWAYS.

If I had stopped long enough to really recognize that niggle for what it was (an important intuitive vibe) then I could have asked more questions to get more answers/intuition about the shoes, wearing them (or not), etc.

Asking more questions and different questions will lead to receiving more information, and that is always helpful!

If you can catch them, these little niggles will be great to write down in your Intuition Notebook so looking back you can see what impact that niggle had – or didn’t have!

Here’s to listening to the little niggles of Intuition and ROAR!

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