Intuition is the ability to gain knowledge and information and understand it immediately without proof, evidence or conscious reasoning.

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Intuition is a gift that everyone possesses.  Some recognize their gifts easily while others struggle.

Intuitive gifts can be anything from the “Clairs” (meaning “clear”) to lucid dreaming, astral travel, telepathy, psychometry, moving objects, Mediumship, etc.

Intuition is something many of us have squelched in our childhood due to lack of understanding (especially by adults around us) and our ability to function with our gifts.

There are 4 main Clairs that are well-known as Intuitive Gifts.  I like to add a 5th one that doesn’t get mentioned much.

1.  Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is “clear seeing.”  If you are clairvoyant you will see with your mind’s eye, Spiritual eye or Third eye.  Clairvoyants see in colors and shapes.  They see symbols, Spirits, and Angels.

2.  Clairaudience

Clairaudience is “clear hearing.”  If you are clairaudient, you hear inaudible things such as words, sounds, music, tones, and frequency.  Clairaudients can also hear Spirits, Guides, and Angels.

3.  Claircognizance

Claircognizance is “clear knowing”.  If you are claircognizant you receive inner knowledge of a person, place, thing, or object without understanding how you know what you know.

4.  Clairsentience

Clairsentience is “clear feeling”.  If you are clairsentient you get a lot of gut feelings or are sensitive to the energy around you.  Clairsentients receive strong first impressions.  Because clairsentients feel so much, they may feel overwhelmed in crowds or if they are around people for too long.

5.  Clairempathy

Clairempathy is similar to empathy, but an actual psychic gift.  Clairempathy is “clearly feeling other’s”.  Clairempaths energetically perceive or sense the emotions of others.  This includes thoughts and physical symptoms.  Clairempaths read energy vibrations of people, places, and things.

How Do I Figure Out What My Gifts Are?

Jylly’s Vibe Notebook

You start by paying attention on a more conscious level.

Start noticing what you are seeing, hearing, knowing, feeling, and sensing.  Start jotting down impressions and symbols.

Start an Intuition (or Vibe Notebook as I call it) to document the “things” you are picking up.

You may receive “fly-bys” of information which are random bits of information or knowledge that come to you for seemingly no good reason!

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