I was Triggered a few days ago.  You can read all the nitty-gritty details here.  The gist is that there were some additional layers of healing I needed to complete surrounding my Life Lesson of Rejection, feeling unworthy and undeserving, and feeling invisible (invisijyll – totally!).

I didn’t want to leave you hanging regarding what went on with this!  I ended up healing these layers over the last few days.  ROAR!

Caribbean Sea

I went to the beach and while in the Caribbean Sea, I tuned into the feeling of rejection, not feeling heard or accepted, and feeling unimportant.  I’ll say “Rejection” is the main theme but there are secondary issues as well – all stemming from the main theme.

I saw 3 past life connections to this Life Lesson of Rejection.  One of them jumped out at me the most – I was a King!  I thought “Wow, I went through this as a King!!  Interesting!”  I didn’t get any details on the other two lives.

Past Life Healings are VERY powerful and impactful!!

A lot of issues we have in this life actually stem from previous lives we’ve had (I’ll write more about that another time).

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Healing Current issues by Connecting it to a Past Life

I tapped into the Rejection Life Lesson and connected it to the Past Lives Rejection.  Once connected, I saw a fluorescent green light – like a river – start flowing.

That needed to run for a long time.  I let it be for a day or so it could do its thing.  This morning I checked in and the Energy work was complete – the connection to the past lives had been cleared and transformed.

But, the Healing didn’t feel complete.  I asked my Spiritual Warriors (oooh that is what I could call my Spiritual Team??) what else was needed.  I immediately felt positive, powerful Words, and feelings of affirmation, love, confidence, etc.  That has been flowing and feeling really good all morning!

Energetic Healing and Transformation

Just like you, I have issues that need Energetic Healing and Transformation.  You’re not alone!

Contact me if you need a Magically Jyllicious™ Session!  Reach out and say HI and let me know what is new!  I’d love to hear from you!

Here’s to your Healing and ROARing!!

Jyll Hoyrup Intuition Expert

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